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International Adoption - Helping Couples Become Families

My dream is to travel to international orphanages to photograph children who have been placed with families, and provide those parents professional quality images of their child while they are awaiting travel to receive their child.

Infertility affects 2.8 million couples in the United States..... including myself. For some couples, assisted reproductive technology (IVF, IUI, etc.) is the chosen route. For others, adoption is the course they choose to pursue in order to create their family.

International adoption agencies do their best to provide as much information as possible to couples about children available for adoption. Once a child is chosen by a couple, it may be months, or even years, before they are able to travel and receive their child.

These parents typically receive a snapshot of their child, taken by staff at the orphanage - sometimes grainy, sometimes out of focus - but that one picture is all they have to connect themselves to that child. Parents show this picture off with pride - it is that child that will make them a mother or a father.

My dream assignment would be to travel to various orphanages around the world and photograph these children, using my skills and talent as a photographer to obtain the best possible image, and allowing the true personality of that child to come through in pictures. I would, in turn, provide these prospective parents professional images of their child, in the hopes that it fosters a more intimate connection between them and their child.

While at the orphanages, I would also like to photograph other children available for adoption, and provide those images to the respective adoption agencies who are placing those children.

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I admire this so very much, and really hope that you will reach your dream job.

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