American Faces: A Portrait of Our Hopeful Nation

A current summary of the American people and cultural landscape.
Brother and Sister from New England, traveling around America, filming, blogging and documenting its many faces.

With the recent ending of the Bush era, Americans are embracing themselves and Change. We want to document this new Hopeful Nation at this historical moment through the faces and landscapes of our country.

Just as Robert Frank photographed America in its transition after WWII, we want to travel across America and meet the people who make this country what it is at this very moment. We will document our neighbors; the faces of our children and this generation of America. The teachers, policemen, firemen, fishermen, immigrants, farmers, Native Americans, businessmen, athletes, and anyone that has a story to tell.

With our combined experience traveling in America, having both driven on extended roadtrips, lived with strangers, hiked in the National Parks, volunteered in New Orleans and on farms; We know first hand of its individuality and have met the many faces of America.

Like Ansel Adams' Fine Art Photographs of the American West; we will showcase the vast beauty of the American Landscape. Not only the High Sierra, but the swamps of the Everglades, the peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, the eerie moonscapes of Death Valley. From the open plains of the Midwest where Buffalo are still wild and wolves re-introduced to the endless coasts of North America, where the lifestyles are so varied.

America has much more to offer than most people can imagine. It is found not only in the people, but also the places they love.There's a story of hope here in America and its waiting to be documented. Like Jack Kerouac documenting his travels in the 50's with poetry and novels, this generation needs its own storytellers. Using video, live-blogging, and digital photography, Mary and Dominic are uniquely suited to bring this project to life in 2010.

Mary has earned her BA in Photography and Computer science from Bennington College. She has worked extensively for fine art photographers, art galleries, and photo studios; designed websites and interactive media sculptures and has shown her work in southern Vermont.

Dominic studied Art at RISD, the school for the Museum of Fine Arts, and earned his degree from Massachusetts College of Art in 2007. Since graduating he has been traveling and documenting those travels through a web-show as well as photography, writing articles, and giving presentations. Currently Dominic spends his time showing and selling his artwork around New England

Together, they have traveled throughout the US, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece and India documenting the life and landscape they encounter. In 2008, Dominic biked 4,556 miles from San Francisco to Key West, documenting the journey and raising money and awareness for the National Brain Tumor Foundation.

Let us be the ones to show you the vastness and portraits of America at this great transition.

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I love the fact that you want to focus on the US AND you are from New England. I'm from Mystic,Ct! I voted. If you have a moment, please check out my project. You can also watch a video on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma-5ZO4kU4w


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I like your idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.


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All the best Dominic & Mary... you two are terrific artists and good fun people wishing you every sucess...and thanks for wanting to share your talents for the world to see America as we are!


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