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The Vanishing America Project

The things that make America wonderful, fun, beautiful, and exciting… the very things that we cherish in our lives, are in danger of vanishing forever. More...

By: VanishingAmerica | comments 139 comments

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Where There Are No Doctors

The majority of the world’s poor live in rural areas where there is limited if any access to health services. Economic hardship creates such a fragile balance that lives can be shattered by even the most treatable of diseases... More...

By: frankduggan | comments 83 comments

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The Type 1 Documentary Project

I will be photographing and interviewing children in Latin America living with Type 1 Diabetes. The footage will be used in marketing campaigns for AYUDA Inc, a global NGO that educates and empowers children living with diabetes worldwide. More...

By: type1ayuda | comments 32 comments

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Water for Life

My dream assignment is to use a combination of photojournalism and volunteer work to improve access to clean water for the world’s poor, by supporting international organizations already engaged in battling the world water crisis. More...

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Growing from the Root: A Youthful Renaissance of Native American Culture

I wish to explore the daily lives of Native American youth: their adolescent struggle and striving for individuality, as well as their symbolic participation in old tribal ways. More...

By: giachett | comments 86 comments

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Walls, the way we separate ourselves

We have been building walls for as long as we could pile rock on rock, to separate ourselves from our neighbours. All these barriers fail. I will photograph these attempts at separation and how as human beings, not nations, we overcome. More...

By: mogmismo | comments 116 comments

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At Nature's Whim

The magnitude of landscapes is often lost. I would like to travel to the most beautiful, humbling spots on earth and display them in large installations to preserve their grandeur, and show our insignificance in this tremendous world. More...

By: marcbliss | comments 156 comments

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Do-It-Yourself Culture

I want to travel the world and photograph people who have formed a DIY culture. From music, to bikes, to household cleaning, to food, people have bucked conventional consumer society for a one built upon doing things yourself. More...

By: dirtylittlecity | comments 86 comments

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Portraiture for the Preservation of Tibet - A Brother and Sister Unite to Raise Awareness

My brother and I want to travel to communities of Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal, as well a Tibet itself if possible, to document the people and culture to raise awareness and tell the story of a culture nearing extinction. More...

By: siblings2tibet | comments 48 comments

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The High Mountain People of the World

To photograph the high mountain people of the world, the ways in which they have adapted to living at high altitude, their culture, daily life, and to document the ways of life that are vanishing in the high mountains. More...

By: lucasbarth | comments 98 comments

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