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Through The Eyes of Children

This project will not only bring awareness (and hopefully money) to children that need our help, but it will also give these children something to be truly proud of.

The Dream:

Imagine sitting in traffic, frustrated and upset at the driver in front of you, and you are late for work. Unconsciously, you then happen to look up and you see a life-sized image of one orphan’s idea of Love…. At that moment all those frustrations disappear and you heart melts. A smile appears while the furrow in your brow vanishes. What a profound effect this could have on people! Finally, a billboard used to spread the priceless values in life and help us re-establish our sometimes forgotten need for human connection.

My dream photography project is one that will help to change the way we look at our day to day lives. It will help us remember the good things in our complicated adult existence and remind us of the beauty that can be found in our lives.
This project will not only bring awareness (and hopefully money) to children that need our help, but it will also give these children something to be truly proud of.

The Idea:

I would travel the 6 habitable continents; visiting one volunteer-run orphanage on each continent. At each orphanage, the award money would provide several children with a basic digital camera. Each child (after being taught a few basics on how to make a picture) would be asked to photograph anything that is their idea of: Love, Happiness, and Beauty. All the while, I will be documenting their journey while making their pictures.

After I have visited the 6 orphanages and collected all the images, one image from each topic will be selected for each orphanage. So there will be a total of 18 images (6-love, 6-happiness, and 6-beauty).

It doesn’t end there! Then, the plan would be to display these images on Billboards across a large American city (I’m thinking LA since there are so many billboards and drivers there). The billboard would also include the web address where people would then have the option to donate, or to purchase any of the billboard images. The money of the purchases would be divided as follows: 50% of proceeds will go back into the orphanage of which that young photographer resides and the other 50% will go to a “savings fund” for that particular child.

There are so many wonderful layers of results that this project would produce!! And it would be one that even has the possibility of a long term project as it could be funded through grants and volunteer support. All we need is your support now by voting this idea to the top!!!

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Bless you! This is an awesome idea! You have my "Pic" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Israelis through photography.


My dream is also for children. I relate to yours and support it. My vote is my gift to you. Good luck!


Great idea!


Can't wait to see your dream unfold! Much love!!


This is an awesome idea! I pic'd it. Return the vote?


Great idea! I pic'd you... return the favor?


That is brilliant!!


A wonderful vision. If you would, please vote for mine too. Maybe one of us may win! Very similar to what I would like to do - maybe a combined effort? LOL! Good luck!


my dream is for kids....so i have voted for yours and please vote for mine


What a great idea!


Good luck, I emailed this to a few people. :)


What a wonderful idea. It would make so much difference. Voted. Let me know what you think of my idea too.


Great idea Amy!!!! Good luck. I voted and will send out to folks I know to vote. :)


This is a really cool idea, I voted for you, please check out mine and return the vote, good luck!


Awesome! you got my vote. will forward to my friends as well.


You've got my vote, Amy... ed


I like your idea. Good Luck!


amac you are amazing -jr


amy my love - sure i voted for you and i fwd. the email. love


ou and forgot to tell you - sounds like a great idea


Voted and passing it on - great idea Amy.


Wow, amazing dream anywherei90! Everyone needs to pass this one around for votes to get this idea out front. Love, happiness and beauty...


This is a fantastic idea. I sincerely hope you get a chance to see this dream come true! I have passed it along to all I know.


SOunds like a great project! Best of luck :)


Amy, what a noble and worthy idea. Way to go and I hope your dream comes true.
You have our vote and we will pass this on.


Amy, great idea and project. Ideas like this show how people care and can make a difference in our world. Go for it and good luck. We will certainly pass this on.


Good Luck Amy!!


Awesome Amy, Good Luck.


great idea!! hope to see you win!!


hope you win lady!! It's an awesome idea!! You might have to take me with you!!

hugs, Gus


Good Luck.


nice idea Amy i like that. good luck


Great idea - I pic'd it and can't wait to see it unfold!


You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!




Amy......I hope your dream project comes true. It sounds absolutely amazing. I completely support this idea....anything to help children in any way. You got my vote...Good Luck.


Amy......I hope your dream project comes true. It sounds absolutely amazing. I completely support this idea....anything to help children in any way. You got my vote...Good Luck.


Amy, I am truly touched by your dream. Best of Luck:)


Amy, I hope you will also be photographing as you document your journey if you win. It sounds like an amazing dream and one that seems to be pretty selfless.
Good luck.


Worthy of winning it all. Good Luck


It sounds fun and hopeful. Best of luck!


good luck!! sounds amazing!


Go for it girl!


I better get some weird porn from some weird place if you win.


you have a great heart and amazing presence of mind,to try and bring something so profound to so many, good luck!


Good Luck!!! :)


What a great idea! Best of luck


if i could vote 100 more times for this idea, i would! this is a winner!!


Wonderful dream!


Very cool idea. I hope you win!!! Good luck sweetie!


awesome! I hope to see your billboards one day soon! - agro



not sure who your coworker is, but that is just wrong.

I support what you are doing.


Awesome idea Amy! Good luck!


This is a fantastic idea!! Good luck!


Don't worry about those who have no life and nothing better to do than try to knock other people's dreams down. They are just hopeless individuals who wish they had as much heart as you do!! It's a great idea and you deserve to win, Amy!!!


Voted! Good luck!


So proud of you! What an amazing idea!! Hope you win.


Great idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.

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