Education around the world

To document the institutions of education internationally

The ability to learn is one of the most valuable skills one can have. Whether it be learning to derive equations or learning to navigate the pitfalls of life, education in undeniably extremely important to any human being.

What we learn has an impact on not only every aspect of ones lives but the lives around them. The difference between a high school diploma and a bachelors in America is a few thousand dollars in yearly pay,
The difference between life and death for a child in Uganda could be their parent's 6th grade education. (Hobcraft)

Although I am only 20 I have seen how what one learns greatly affects the consequence of their actions. Between a peer that learned the simple joys of cooking to one that learned the consequences of drunk driving the information they have surrounded themselves with has greatly affected their future choices.

And being having been through middle school, high school and now working my way through college, it becomes more and more apparent the differences in thought and actions that each level of education imparts on one.

However I have only lived in Southern California my whole life I have an extremely limited first hand perspective of what education is like for those around the world. I have been fortunate to receive a guaranteed education from the state and from my parents but I have never seen the struggles of a student in Africa. It is my dream to travel the both our country and the world and witness the difference in classrooms and availability of schooling. I would then travel to 10 or so schools on each continent taking pictures to add a perspective of schooling in different parts of the world.

It is my goal to travel around the world and document the institutions of learning, whether it be a community college in Los Angeles, Yale in New Haven, a high school in Japan or a one room school in Uganda. I would start in America randomly sampling adult schools and colleges and taking pictures to tell a story of education in that location. These pictures aim to cover every aspect of school, whether it be the condition of the building, the amount of textbooks or the emotions of the students.

Education is an extremely powerful factor in the development of any human being, affecting every aspect of their conscious and understanding of the world as a whole. It only seems fit to to capture the future personalities of world as they are being created.

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I love this idea. I voted for it. I hope you vote for mine as well.


This would be a fascinating study as schools are VERY different around the world! I have seen them in China, for example. Good luck. See what you think of my dream - I'd love to hear any comments. Here's another of what I hope are many votes for you.


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as an educator, i think this is a great idea. check out my proposal and vote for me!


This is one of the neatest ideas ever. You got my vote.


excellently splendid idea.........photos should be in national geographic =]


What a great idea. Voted! Please stop by my dream and vote/comment as well. Thanks!


i have posted my vote. i honestly hope u get it. ive only been involved in two types of schools around the world and yes they are extremely different. good luck man =D


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Very cool. Please, check me out too when you've got the time.


i think the contrast you would find when looking into the educational institutions around the US would be intriguing. I think access to good education is more significant than some people recognize, so I support your idea. I think you may find mine interesting, so check it when you get the chance :)


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I love this idea! check out mine and Pic it if youd like! Congo here I come...


Canyon, I just voted for you. I am being very selective and only voting for those ideas that spread friendliness and world peace. I think you and I have similar hopes for our globe. Please check out my idea and if you agree with it, I'd love your support (vote). Thanks a million.


Hey - Fantastic idea!

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Bless you! Love your dream! Great idea & Best of luck - you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!


I have been working on this same idea for awhile -- So I'm voting for you -- please return the favor when you have time and vote for my project on land seizures, political upheaval and daily struggles in Zimbabwe.


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