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One Goat at a Time: Showing the Heifer Project Change Lives & Better the World

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Photography of real lives changed by Heifer reveal the power of giving people a means to support themselves. Stories of change & hope. PIC me.

My dream assignment takes me around the world, starting with the United States, to show the real lives touched by Project Heifer around the globe. Heifer provides small livestock and training to impoverished people, empowering them to change their lives, their communities and their childrens' futures. You can learn more about this non-profit organization here: http://www.heifer.org

As an experienced editorial photographer, I often show problems: poverty, health risks, youth in crisis or environmental challenge. My dream assignment is showing solutions, by telling stories of lives changed, generationally, and empowered through Heifer projects on several continents. I will make a series of trips telling the stories of Heifer International projects. I'll show the lives, relationships and essence of giving people a way to support themselves, through the animals & the training for sustainable agriculture.

Many groups offer microinvestments and training to create societal change, few are so wonderfully simple and so visually embodied as Heifer. For example: women in rural India keeping Heifer donated bees and chickens can earn money at home for the first time in their lives. They can feed their families, and their children can attend school , breaking a chain of uneducated poverty in the community. A generation has hope, and real change is created.

I will show a wide range of projects Heifer runs, from agricultural initiatives in rural Mississippi that target disenfranchised youth, to indigenous peoples in Brazil regaining their foothold near decimated rain forest, to earthquake victims in Sichuan China getting back to their farming lives with new livestock, to Senegalese farmers diversifying their crops to preserve traditional ways of life.

There's a powerful connection between people, animals & the earth- that is something I learned and photographed while staying on farms across the United States for my book Shear Spirit, about fiber farming. While the scope of this dream assignment is challenging, I have the skills, energy and experience to make it happen. Please view my professional website at http://www.gzucker.com .

I’m able to work and handle difficult situations, am an experienced traveler and have gained access to private lives, respectfully, in every kind of setting. I have a reputation for working with light quickly and professionally, technical expertise is critical in situations where I may only have a fleeting chance to show a connection, a spark, a smile or a beam of light. (see an article about me as Lighting Master in Photo District News, linked from the news page on my website) . I work hard to fully tell the stories I see through photography, I believe in its power to connect and persuade.

The thousands of images I make will spread the ideas of making the world better by empowering others, and will give Heifer a huge library of difficult (and otherwise expensive) to photograph subjects. They can use these to document, fundraise, educate and publicize their projects.

Pick my dream assignment and know you will be multiplying any donation you’ve ever made to create change in the lives of others. I promise you I will make good on the plan!

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Good luck, Gale. I voted for your dream. May you find success with it, if not here than in other ways. Pay it Forward. My dream is for the Children of the World. Remember that you can vote for your own dream.


Good luck, great cause


Great cause. You might also consider applying for the Getty Images "project for good" competition - proposals due April 15. And in the meantime - please vote for other ideas in this competition that share your desire to have multiplier effects for good in the world. (Mine is in Afghanistan.)


Great idea. Come check mine out.



Good luck Gale, I really like your idea. I can hardly wait to hear when you get it!


Love the idea. I'm going to share it on my blog too. Not that I have a ton of readers... but it could help.


Never heard of Project Heifer. Very cool. Voted for you. Feel free to return the favor. My project is to document the political turmoil and rights abuses in Zimbabwe.


Great idea Gale. I really like this organization and have always wondered about the stories of the people who benefit from this organization. Some friends donated a goat in honor of our wedding. Can you track it down?!!! Good luck.


Good luck, Gale!!


Go Gale, Go!!!


Excellent idea, Gale! Best of luck!

Ellen B.


Voted for you. and can i come along, and like carry your luggage, i mean I did do that tiger hat....


I would be happy to be your assistant! Good luck. MM


What a beautiful dream assignment! I would vote for you, but can't get it to take my vote.


Can't think of a better photographer (or person) to take on this assignment!


My family has supported the Heiffer Project for years, we incorporate it into our CHristmas gifts every season. Good luck!!! I voted. If you have a moment, please check out my project. You can also watch a video on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma-5ZO4kU4w


I voted for you - please check out the following project! http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/richs85/making-peace-with-the-world-peace-corps-at-50/


I voted for you. The Heifer Project is very worthy.


Voted for you
Please vote for me too
My Work - www.hemaliphotography.com/fineart.html



Good luck Gale!!!


Best of luck Gale! sounds like a fabulous project and a great idea!


Good luck, Gale!
Joanne Ferreira


What a wonderful way to use your talent, Gale. Love your sheep shots -- can't wait for the goats and the rest! (Oh, and the people, of course) :) Good luck!


What a great idea! I hope you win. I'll be looking forward to hearing the good news.


Fabulous idea, good luck Gale! I hope you win!


Best of luck. You got my vote.


Your vote is in from me-good luck!


Lovely, lovely idea for a project. Wish I could vote more than once for you!


Good luck. I have given to this charity for several years--it is one of my very favorites.


Go, Gale!


Great idea, Gale.


Go get 'em Gale!!
It's a great idea and the Heifer Project sounds like it does a wonderful job providing long term, sustainable solutions to those in need.


I know your work through the great MDK gals and enjoy every bit of it. This is such a perfect project - I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Best of luck!!!


Gale is a great photographer, a gracious person, and she has choses a terrific organization to profile.


Good luck to you!


We make Heifer donations every year at Christmas - I would love to also have pictures to include with the gift card.


Good luck Gale. You got my vote. It's a great idea.


great thing to do


Good Luck!!!


This is a great idea, Gale. Good luck, don't give up on this project no matter what the outcome of this contest is. Good luck, I voted for you and will spread the word among Facebook network.


Great idea, you deserve to win!


Good luck, Gale! :)


What a fantastic goal...I hope you win and I get to see your final project. I think we desperately need some 'good news' and yours is just the sort I'd love to sink my teeth - and eyes - into! Best of luck!!


I like your idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.


i voted for you! I love your project idea! Best wishes!


Fantastic project idea. If you need a writer to come with, I'm there.


I know a good asst with flexible schedule, can chsse sheep at hi altitude, style frenchfries, project manage multiple location calendars, write a press release, and shmooze a gallery-full...just at thought.


Good luck Gail! Love your idea/dream!


Gail - there could be no one better than you for this opportunity. Good luck!


Gale - I love the Heifer project! Good luck!


Good luck, Gale! I hope you get this! - Kristine


Good luck Gale!


I love it! You are just so talented and I thank you for sharing!! I hope to see more of your work as time goes by!


Go Gale, your a super photographer...good luck


Wonderful idea, Gale. Fingers crossed for you!


I really hope you win because I would love to see photos of this! What a wonderful dream!


Gail your the best! Go for it! May you win and win big!


Dream Big, Gale. We're all purling, I mean pulling, for you.


What a wonderful project, Gale! I can't wait to see the photos.




I think this is a great idea. Good luck. You have my support.


Gale- wonderful idea full of good will. I voted for you and will forward this to my list of friends- Suzan


Great project...the mason dixon girls sent me here!


What a wonderful idea! Good luck, Gale.


What a beautiful idea! I love that you are focusing on authentic and focused solutions, rather than a spacey concept like 'hope.' Your photography is gorgeous, and your connection with the animals come through so beautifully -- I hope you win!


I'm tempted to create 1000 e-mail accounts and vote 1000 times. Sigh. One person, one vote, but a heart full of hope that, for the World's sake, you win.


best wishes gale we red scarves support you


Good idea, good cause - you'd do a fabulous job!!


Gale Zucker is one of the best editorial photographers in the business. I am very enthusiastic about her project involving Project Heifer. Through her photography Gale exposes her audience to aspects of life one is surprised by, teaches you things you didn't know and have never seen...


Project Heifer needs Gale's photography skills to promote a wider knowledge and understanding of the program, which is, by the way, excellant.


This assignment would not only shed light on challenges faced around the world, but also a sustainable and practical solution. Combined with what would undoubtedly be stellar photography, as Gale has performed for years, this project is important and appealing on many levels.


Good luck Gale. This is an inspiring project. I hope you win!!


I love the focus on how goats will help the world. They are fantastic animals. Small, yet every part is useful and they leave a much smaller carbon footprint on the world as opposed to a cow, even if you have enough goats to add up to a cow.

Good luck. It's a worthwhile cause.



Great idea. Positive. Hope inspiring. And very concrete.


Good luck


Great idea! Good luck with it.


a knitty tweet sent me here and am so glad to have a chance to vote for you--love your book AND love Heifer International. So the thought of your photographing of their work is so exciting! Could you slip a pattern or two in with the photographs? just kidding. Good Luck!!!


Good Luck!!!! Can't wait to see you published!!!!!!


Dafna, Daniel, Arielle and Navah love your idea Gale. We voted and good luck!


Gale! I know your work and it is stunning and arresting. You'll be a giant asset to anybody that helps you do your "heart" project.

I'll be waving, tossing water bottles and yelling for you.

Joypebble (you know who...)


Good luck, Gale. Love your work and wish you all the luck in the world.


I have supported Heifer Project through my church in the past. Great Organization doing amazing things!


Good luck Gail.

Emma & Co.


Good luck!!!



Good Luck. My daughter in law's father was with the group of farmers who delivered the first heifer. We are very proud of that slim thread of attachment to this group and support it as often as we can. In my opinion it is one of the really effective projects that will lead to world peace.


Good Luck!


Good luck, Gale. I just contributed to the Heifer Project this past Sunday at our church - $ for chickens!


Good luck, Gale!


Good Luck!!!


Gale, this is a wonderful idea. I believe that Heifer is one of the most effective organizations for helping those in need, and they would be more so if only more people knew about them and what they do. Your dream would make the dreams of many more people come true. Best wishes!


I voted. Best of luck; this is a truly worthy project.


Hi Gale, hope this vote helps. Good luck to you.


Good Luck. Loved Shear Spirit and this proposal is fabulous.


Good Luck, Gale! I hope you win.


I've rec'd info on Heifer Int'l and find it fascinating. I love that you're wanting to share that with those who don't know about it. (Also the goats on your blog's post are super cute!)


Good luck :D


Heifer International is a great organization. I hope you make it. Good luck!


Heifer is my favorite charity and fiber is my favorite hobby. What could be a better pairing? Good luck!!!


Good Luck Gale!


Great idea--I love Project Heifer!


good luck to you and heifer, Gale


my favorite charity..such good work,you are a natural for it.