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Making The Leap Into The Unknown

I am a vagabond exploring my inner self, I want to venture off into the unknown because that is jumping into freedom. I want to show that beauty is everywhere we just have to be open to see it.

The unknown is what deep down drives us to continue exploring our potential. Our hearts yearn for new possibilities and experiences. The problem of our modern world now is that living has become quite easy and comfortable for many of us. We live in a world where people work hard for a comfortable and secure life, what many don’t realize is that they are searching for a beautiful imprisonment.

Security can only be found in the known and comfortable. The problem with the known is that after a while it becomes monotonous than miserable. People know they are miserable but don’t change because at least being miserable is something they know is comfortable. The thing you have to understand is that life is not secure, life is dynamic not mechanical. Be a student of life, seek understanding not knowledge, gaining more knowledge just makes you more certain and comfortable.

Learn to trust and feel what’s going on inside you, that is an intelligence that has a knowing for the new and unknown. Thinking too much keeps you stuck in the past, because all your mind can do is search through old memories.

To venture off into the unknown is to jump into freedom. People say they want to be free, but freedom creates fear. They are afraid of the reality they know would make them feel truly alive and integrated with life. Freedom and the unknown make people afraid because there is danger in insecurity. The danger lies in that they feel they are going to loose themselves, and lose everything they have ever known. They are right, but the only thing they are loosing is their false sense of self (ego), living in the unknown your ego falls apart and the real you begins to emerge. The thing we have to understand is that life is constantly changing, there is nothing we can do, so don’t worry about trying to change it. The uncertainty of life is its very nature. Just remember that the only responsibility you have is towards your own being.

You will need courage to go into the unknown. In the beginning all your fears will come to the surface, the only way to move ahead and accept your fears is through courage. To be a courageous person you will need to leave your analytical mind and live with your heart. The brave person only pretends to be courageous, he is still living through the head, he creates a false security in being brave through logic.

I will be moving to Costa Rica this summer, I simply want to document the beauty of living in the present moment and immersing yourself into unknown experiences. I want to show whats possible when you face your fears go after the experiences that bring you joy.

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"There is very little difference between exploring and being lost." You've got my vote! Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on daily struggles in Zimbabwe.

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sounds good! u got my vote!

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Sounds like fun. I'd love to see the finished work. Voted. Let me know what you think of my idea too.

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You've got my vote, please return the favor.

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I have been doing a lot of self work in the universal laws and wanted to do a project like this as I think people need to open up to themselves and all that is and your thoughts outline the principles of this. Best of luck to you.

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Great Idea! You could really do something. You've got my vote- return the favor?

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Good luck with your dream. I am happy to give you a positive vote.

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Costa Rica is a beautiful country, I hope you live your dream! Voted.

Check out my project on innovation and technology as change for the developing world and my portfolio here: http://maclellanimages.com/blog1/galleries/

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awesome idea, you gote my vote, please check out mine and return the vote, good luck!

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This is an awesome idea! I pic'd it. Return the vote?

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Thank you for the comment. (I would have appreciated the vote too but it didn't register.)

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You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!



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