We Are What We Eat

Fifty billion farm animals are killed annually worldwide for food that only feeds a small percentage of people. Our planet, our health, and our humanity is suffering from this flesh based diet.

Livestock consumption worldwide is responsible for 18% of greenhouse emissions and takes up 1/3 of the earth's land surface. Livestock production is the number one source of water degratation on the planet. 95% of farms in America are "factory farms" where milllions of farm animals are housed in deplorable conditions resulting in chronic suffering. Animals are sentient beings that feel pain and pleasure as exquisitely as humans. We could improve our health, vastly improve the health of our planet, and become a more compassionate species if we simply stopped eating meat or even significantly reduced our consumption and changed the way these animals are treated. I would like to show the world through photography how humans, the planet and our fellow animal beings are suffering because of our eating habits and what we can do to change this. Our eating habits are killing us, the planet and billions of our fellow beings. A day in the life at a farm animal sanctuaries shown through photographic images would show people the undeniable will to live these animals have and how interaction between animals and humans is relevant and meaningful. These images juxtaposed against images of suffering in factory farms and animal waste cesspools the sizes of lakes will be a powerful incentive to change our eating habits.

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