Will the Real Freak Please Step Forward?

In every society or microcosm thereof, people stand out as “freaks.” I seek to understand and document what makes a freak a “freak” in a given context and share the world of those wearing odd shoes with the online community and beyond.

I’ve known scads of self-proclaimed “freaks,” whose non-ink ornamentation causes them to bolt whenever a magnetic sales convention is held nearby and whose exuberantly colored coiffures might score a protracted stay at the local aviary. These days the problem with the plight of the Ornamented Freak Bird is that, due to overpopulation of the species, they find their self-proclamation is starting to sound a little flimsy. By definition, a freak does not fit in.

Circus side show tattooed men, origami-like contortionists, transvestites, conjoined twins, artists, inventors, criminals, scientists: all have worn the freak moniker.

However, an artist living among artists might not be so named; a notorious criminal in prison may be free from the label. Is there such thing as a universally agreed upon timeless freak, or is it a matter of context? In short, what makes a freak a “freak?”

Camera in hand, I seek the freaks! Photo-blogging in Africa, Europe and Asia, I will discover whether the Universal Freak exists or if freak-hood is mere myth.

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I voted for you. Please check out my dream. I could use the help. Thanks and good luck!


I love it..You have my vote please go and vote for me.


This is a great project title and a great idea. It would produce such beautiful, unique pics. What is a "freak"? Brilliant! You have my vote! Could you help me out and check out my idea as well? If you think it's worthy, I would love your vote too. Good luck!


I love the idea! You have my vote! Read over my idea and let me know what you think? Even pic it!


I really like your idea! Good luck! If you get a chance, visit my idea and pic it if you like it :) http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/srebeccan/children-of-redemption/


Very original, I love it. Good luck!


I love it! Maybe originiality will prevail.....? Much more interested in the freaks of the world!
Good luck!


Here are links to a few of my photos:






I guess they're not really links. Be careful not to hurt your finger doing a copy-and-paste.


Good luck. I voted for this. Please consider my ideas as well. Pass around the good Karma.


Ooooh, yay! I'm commenting (and voting)! I really like this idea because I always call my friends freaks but it's not like I have any idea what the definition of a freak might be :)


I'm not sure, but if I win, you'll be the first (well, second) to know.


I believe you have just the right affinity for freaks to do brilliantly.


Very cool. Please, check me out too when you've got the time.


I pick'd you and your idea. Keep writing my friend, you're brilliant.


Hi Amy--
Of course, you know I think you are one of the most talented (yet undiscovered) people on the planet.
We need more rocks overturned....
You have my vote!



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I love this idea! check out mine and Pic it if youd like! Congo here I come...


I like both of your ideas, you've got my votes.


I can't wait to see your photos - Wonderful idea & great dream! Best of luck and you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!


Well put. Someone is daring. Thanks =)


voted this one too, good luck.

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