Under the Tuscan Sun!

A photographer's dream, a mother's dream!

I have been a single mom throughout most of my children's lives. There was never much money, so we spent our weekends watching "chic flicks". We would have "Drew Barrymore" night, or "Sandra Bullock" night. It was our family "thing".

One of our favorite movies was (is) "Under the Tuscan Sun" starring Dianne Lane. It tells the story of a woman, roughly my age, who is forced to face her fears in "starting over". I fell even more in love with Italy, just from watching that movie, and we always imagined ourselves there, together.

My girls have been my biggest support system in starting my own photography business. They have pushed me, picked me up, and kicked me in the butt when i needed it. I am in my second year with this business, and although times are still tough, especially as a new business owner, my girls never let me even THINK about giving up.

My dream assignment, is two-fold. One, I have always wanted to photograph the beauty of Italy, not only the landscapes and age old archetecture, but its people and depictions of its culture. I would love to photograph, more specifically, Positano.

Two, I have never been able to take my girls on a "vacation", ever. Two of my girls, are now grown and on thier own. Now, there is one daughter in particular, who has spent hours and hours modeling for me, so that I could fine-tune my photographic skills. Believe me, it was not always fun for her ("oh gosh, run, mom has the camera again!"), and I would love to have her model for me, one last time before she leaves for her enlistment in the U.S. Air Force............in Italy!!

The combination of photographing one of my ultimate loves,one of my children....and photographing my ultimate dream assignment, Italy, would be something that we would ever, ever forget!!

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you so raawk


garsh, thanks, lol!!


Awwww, good luck Kelly!! :)


you're amazing!


Love it! Great idea ;-)


thanks guys!!


you rox!!


You sure know how to do us proud!


Kel You are amazing!!!!!!!!! This really touched me and so true!!!


thank you tammi i love ya!


kelly, this really touched me. love is the most creative thing gods ever made. you deserve this.


i love ur work!!!!....hope you kick butt with this and take names!!!! smootches friend and good luck!!!! xtra prayers!!!! oxxo


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! It'd be so amazing if you got to go to Italy!


Wishing you the best. Keeping our fingers crossed for you.


man, i have some great people in my life! Thanks all!


Good Luck!


Oh kelly Have I got some pictures for you from my days when I was in the Navy. I liked Sisily better than Itlay but nItlay was nice also.


Go Italy


Lovely idea.


I like your idea!

I voted for you; will you vote for me? Let's do this and see how it turns out. Let's help each other!

Good luck!


Good Luck Kelly


Good luck Kelly! I love Italy and that movie too!


thanks for the vote, i hope everything goes well for you.


Sounds like a great way to combine your passion for photography, Italy and your daughter into one dream trip. You have my vote! Good luck to you and your daughter!


Good ideas like yours that are not in the Top 100 are nearly impossible to find. This is unfair as many great ideas are hidden. Those of us in the “Sub-100” should work together to promote the best projects of the Sub-100 so that they can be in the Top 100 and be seen. Please vote for best Sub-100s!


I love this idea! check out mine and Pic it if youd like! Congo here I come...


I can't wait to see your photos - Wonderful idea & great dream! Best of luck and you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!


Would be awesome to shoot in Tuscany. I'm voting for you -- feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on land seizures, political upheaval and the overall struggles of daily life in Zimbabwe.


You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!



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