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Insulin Is Not A Cure (For Children With Type 1 Diabetes)!

I would like to photograph children with Type 1 diabetes doing two things: 1. testing their blood sugar or injecting insulin and 2. doing their favorite thing. I would like to exhibit the photos to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes.

There are approximately half a million children with Type 1 diabetes worldwide. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the child's body thinks that the pancreas is a virus and attacks and destroys it. It is partly genetic and partly triggered by environmental factors, but scientists still do not understand why children develop it and which children will develop it. In today's society where Type 2 diabetes is on the rise due to less than healthy diets and sedentary lifestyles, children with Type 1 are often told that if they had only exercised or eaten better, they would not have developed diabetes. This is not true.

I would like to photograph children with diabetes throughout the world engaging in diabetes-related care taking activities and doing something they enjoy. I believe that an exhibit juxtaposing children engaging in these two starkly different activities will put real faces on the children who suffer from this disease and bring empathy to their plight instead of misunderstanding.

My inspiration for this dream photo shoot comes from raising a son and daughter with diabetes and from the enjoyment I have received taking photographs at Children With Diabetes conferences in the past. I have watched the joy that children receive from having their photos taken and seeing their portraits in print.

I have many contacts in the world of diabetes throughout this country and Italy and South America. I believe that these contacts will help me identify and photograph children readily. I also believe that, as with the Quilt for Life exhibit put on by Children With Diabetes, an exhibit of photographs of children with diabetes will have an impact on funding research for a cure. The award money would go towards my travel and photography expenses. I would hope to find lodging with my diabetes "family" throughout the world in order to minimize costs and allow me to reach as many families as possible.

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Good luck Michelle. This has the ability to tremendously change the face of diabetes.


I have just read through all the top 10 ideas here and yours really stands out! Good luck and great idea!


I have several portraits of my daughter handling her insulin and testing. If you win, please contact me I will be happy to help in any way. I'll second shoot for free, share ideas I've had for this project, donate portraits I have of my daughter, my brother, and my cousin.
[email protected]


I think this is a wonderful idea. Best of luck, Michelle!!



Good luck, Michelle. This could really make a far reaching impact on many lives.


This is a wonderful idea Michelle. Good luck


Your pictures already make me cry Michelle. You will do a fabulous job with this! Good luck!


good luck .. i have goosebumps reading this...


This is a great opportunity to make these children shine and bring light to a cause overshadowed by the thought that diabetes is treatable, and therefor, cured. Bravo.


Thanks Everyone for your support. Get out the Vote!



Michelle, I keep coming back to your idea. Hands down this should be the winner. I voted for it over my own. I hope that you win and make this a giant photo campaign to spread awareness.


Hoping/praying (JIC) you win, Michelle!:o)


What a wonderful project idea. Kudos to you now lets get out the vote. What better way to portray all the children out there with Type 1 diabetes, and shining a light on this horrible disease.


Awesome Michelle


Hoping and praying that the kids with diabetes win!


I really hope you follow through with this idea. I have type 1 and it is hard to explain through words what it is and is like, I think picture would be a amazing factor to explain type 1 clearly to everyone interested.


Good Luck Michelle...
Very moving piece...


Yea Michelle! You've got my vote!


Great idea Michelle! Raising awareness for our kids is so important!


Dear Michelle,
your project is admirable ! I hope you winn the price to help all the childrens !


Good luck Michelle!!!



thanks michelle for trying to raise awareness


Good luck Michelle! Thank you! Loren - Chaser on CWD


Good Luck Michelle!!!


Thanks everyone! I have received such overwhelming support that I am greatly moved. To those of you who have diabetes or a child with diabetes, perhaps I will see you soon behind the lens!


Love the pictures you took of two of mine at CWD in 2007. Would LOVE to see this project go - it would truly be beautiful and help raise awareness of life with Type 1. Thanks so much for your creativity and willingness to take this on! ...Jeanelle (CWD)


Good luck Michelle! Michele


Good luck michele its a great cause to show to the world.


Thanks Frazz. That's a nice compliment from a fellow photographer.


Good luck Michelle!!!


Good luck on this! My 13yr old brother was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, so it's a subject close to my heart.


Good luck. Get the word out there.


This is a wonderful idea! I know all of our kids would love to volunteer to assist you WHEN YOU WIN!!!


Best wishes!!


this is a worthy assignment that will raise awareness and i hope it wins.


Go get 'em, Michelle! I'm rooting for you to win!!


I believe we have normalized the name Diabetes to the general public and that people should be aware of whats involved in maintaining health while daily caring for a type I diabetic, and its effect on the family.


Good luck Michelle! This is a FANTASTIC idea! I've had Type 1 since 6, and while children with diabetes look healthy, they deal with this chronic disease every day, and it's intensely hard. I wish you the best of luck.


Hope you win! And Caleb is a willing subject :)


Michelle, what a wonderful idea...we have a dear friend who's child has type 1 and although she is very active and embraces life..it is difficult when we see her start to crash...I hope your idea is the winner


Michelle I hope you win and really have a chance to do a great job on this project. I'll twitter about it.


Being T1 and 32 and have two children under 3, I can't imagine what it would take to control this Disease in one of my children. I hope you can at least put a picture to the thought. Good Luck!


Good luck, this is a great idea!


Good luck. My three year has T1 and I fully support you and your cause:)


Great idea. Good luck. Keep in mind, Type 1 diabetes does not equal child diabetes. I'm 42 and I have Type 1 diabetes.


Good luck! I hope I get to see your work!


You guys are overwhelming me with your support for this idea. May we get to present it to the public! Thank you!


Just voted, Michelle! Best of luck!


Go Michelle GO!!!


I was referred to this by Donna R. I have a 'Michelle' who is type 1 diabetic and although she insists on doing everything, her highs and lows can interfere. I support your cause and Good luck!


Thanks for raising awareness. Good luck!


Haha, you seem like a amazing person, maybe I will get to meet you, since I do have type 1. I REALLY hope you win! <33


Here is another vote....The whole family hopes you win. My daughter age 13 has type 1 diabetes so anything we can do to bring attention to this disease is definitely worthy of our vote.
Thanks Michelle,


You should do this no matter what. (not just in this competition).


I have a four year old with Type 1 - Thank you for raising awareness!
Hope you win!


This is a wonderful idea Michelle, nice to see it up top. Good luck!


Good luck! I've been a Type 1 for 21 years (I'm 27) Your idea is wonderful!


Hi - fantastic idea. I've been on insulin 30 years August and I might be getting an insulin pump to help my control but I'm not a child.
I wish you all the very very best - Break a leg
Patricia Crawley
Toronto Canada


Good luck! You get my vote (though I would like to see T1 adults included).


Great project idea, Michelle! My 11-year-old son has T1. Gisele-CWD


Good luck to you Michelle! This is a very important topic. I hope you win :)


Not only will this be your dream assignment, but could really help so many of our children...to inspire those that can find a REAL cure!!


What a great idea!!! Much luck.


We really hope you win!!!!


You go, Michelle! Awesome project!


Great idea, good luck


This is a wonderful idea and I agree an exhibit like this would have a huge impact. Good Luck! My brother was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 12 or 13 (I was 6 or 7 at the time) over 30 years ago, so I grew up with it, but a lot of people don't understand the difference between Type 1 & 2.


Ok, Michele.. where does Dee sign up? Good luck!


Good Luck!


great idea!!!!!!!!!


Great idea, Michelle, hope you win! My 6 year old daughter Sidney was diagnosed with diabetes 2-1/2 years ago.


Hello Michelle,
I think you have a fantastic idea. I want you to win. It would be so neat.


Good Luck Michelle, that is a wonderful idea you have. I have two precious Grandsons with Type 1, and pray, with all my heart, for a cure one day.
I pray you win.


Wonderful idea, Michelle. You have my vote.


Good luck! I hope you win! You have my vote!


Good luck Michelle!!! You have our vote!!!


This is the best idea and I am glad someone realizes that Type I is an epidemic and information needs to get out there for everyone to understand how serious this is. I have a 2 year old daughter just diagnosed last August and it is a daily struggle and heratbreaking, thanks :)


Michelle, What a wonderul proposal! I also have 2 children with diabetes; we would love to be a part if you need some photos. Good luck and we'll help get out the votes.


Great idea, Michelle. Power to you and to the cause!


Hi Michelle..You got my vote Mama! Amanda does not test herself yet or give herself her injections but she can load a test strip! :) Shes only 3 ..
Thank you for doing this my friend..You are terrific!!


On behalf of our family in the hopes for a cure, Thanks Michelle & Good Luck from Bensalem, PA


Good luck from Rusty (CWD)


GREAT IDEA Michelle!!


I really hope you win this....It would do the T1 community so much good! You would have a place to stay in Brunswick GA!! GOOD LUCK!!


Truly a wonderful project...Best of luck, Michelle!


Best of luck!



Huge Michelle fan!!


Good luck Michelle!!


great Idea Michelle...i hope you get it and help those of us with type 1 kids be heard.


This is a wonderful idea! Good luck! I have been spreading the word!


Good Luck Michelle!


Good luck... another vote from CWD!


Another vote for Michelle and type 1 diabetes awareness!!!


At a diabetes conference in Toronto. Proud to be a member of this vibrant community!


What a great idea -- I believe it will totally empower children and educate many people who confuse Type I and Type II diabetes. There's nothing worse than people who make hurtful comments to Type I kids about how they "brought it on themselves."


this is a heartfelt idea. i also want to help others by bringing awareness and unity for non-profits worldwide: http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/jenmay/unity-through-community/


Good luck~ this is a wonderful and important thing that you are doing.


I posted like CRAZY to alllll my facebook/myspace friends to read your dream & vote.....Looks like you're doing GOOD!
I'm praying you get this!!


I posted like CRAZY to alllll my facebook/myspace friends to read your dream & vote.....Looks like you're doing GOOD!
I'm praying you get this!!


Hi michelle, great concept! and such an important message, best wishes


Far and away the best dream assignment.
I can't remember every seeing a similar photo essay.
I can only imagine how validating this would feel for the kids with diabetes.
You deserve to win!


Good Luck from Bosnia


Good Luck Michelle...thank you for working on such an incredible project :)

-Irma from Surprise, AZ.


Michelle you are an inspiration to all parents of children with diabetes! Good luck and best wishes - you ca do this!!


Good Luck Michelle, you're an inspiration to parents who have one child with diabetes, you are my hero....Sheri in Peoria,AZ


What a great idea. Thank you for being one of those people who is getting out there and making a difference!


Hoping you win!! We are tired of diabetes in Tempe, AZ! Shari


I was just wandering what your doing to get so many votes.


Good Luck Michelle! our son was diagnosed at 13 months, he's now 5. Our other two sons (3 years and 5 months) are, knock on wood, still ok.


Good luck. Our 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed under 4 months ago and it's so reassuring to know there is a huge support group in the world. I admire your efforts!


Michelle, I love your idea and I vote for you! My 2 sons with Type 1 diabetes can pose for you when you win. Since my boys were diagnosed, 10 and 11 years ago at ages 15 and 7, they have bravely done over 40,000 blood glucose tests on their fingers and arms, and that is a conservative estimate.


I have had type 1 diabetes since 1975. My dream is to snorkel in the Red Sea by traveling to Egypt and Israel and to photograph the underwater wonderland. I wear my pump in a special case to protect it when I'm in the water. Please help me by voting for my dream. Thanks, Melanie


Great idea!! Please check out my idea, too (I want to take panoramic pics of European cathedrals, and donate some proceeds to the churches). Good luck!


Boy, when the Type 1 community puts their efforts together, look what we can accomplish! We will show people that there is nothing we cannot do and that we will not be stopped! Keep the faith!


I wish you the best of luck with your project! My baby nephew was diagnosed 1 month after his second birthday-I would do anything to trade places with him. This disease is SO MISUNDERSTOOD! I hope you are able to bring attention and support for research into this devastating disease. Good Luck!!!


good luck and thanks for putting yourself and your ideas out there for all of us with kids with diabetes!!


Best of luck to you, Michelle! As a mother of a 2-yr-old who was recently dxd with T1 diabetes, we hope you win and can't wait to see your photos at an event. Thank you so much for dedicating your work to this cause.


Good luck to you, Michelle. I have a son with T1. Thanks for all you do.


Your idea is worth wile, I'll be interested to see how it turns out. would you also consider voting for mine as well?


You're the best Michelle- your pics will be beautiful! Love ya!


This is a great idea. My son was diagnosed as a 4 year. He was very brittle.
He was a special young man that was taken from us as at 30 yr old from kidney failure.
Two weeks prior to the transplant.
Your goal to raise awareness could safe many lives. Good Luck!


Marla, I am sorry about your son. Too many people with Type 1 diabetes die way too young. I hope an exhibit like the one I propose will help prevent such needless deaths and save my two children with diabetes. Thank you for your support.


I wish you all the best of luck in winning this opportunity! We need more caring and talented people like you to help raise awareness of Type I diabetes! San Diego is happy to help!


After reading your dream, it's quite obvious you're onto something here that's for real and practical. Hopefully you could also fly to countries in the Third World like the Philippines (I apologize to my kababayans if I offended anyone for categorizing my homeland as a Third World country).


What a wonderful idea! My 8 yr old son has had type 1 since he was 20 months. Your idea will help to spread the word about the challenges! My son's fingertips are a testament to the 10-12 times daily rigors of blood glucose testing. Best of luck to you!!


i'm glad your idea is currently number 1. i've lived with type 1 since i was 5. i've been struggling for a few years trying to get my A1C under control. it's frustrating hearing news stories about hope and cures, but when you pay attention, it's always about type 2. good luck!


I actually got a Google alert about your dream idea being number 1 in this contest so far! (I get Google alerts about type 1)
I love photography too! But, I haven't really made the digital switch, I still love my old 35!
Good luck, Alice


Thank you very much! I just didn't think that what he was doing was right. Glad I'm not the only one. :) You've earned my vote too, good luck!!


I have been active with photography and volunteering in the Type 1 community for years, as you see from the comments. They are supportive of my idea. I saw his post was not a real comment on that, but a cut and paste vote swapping maneuver. I flagged it as abuse on my comments and it's gone.


I want to emphasize that my goal would be to show children from around the world. Doing their favorite things and living happy, vibrant lives. Along with showing the stark reality of what they do to stay alive each day. It won't be depressing. It will be moving!


I think it will be incredibly moving -- maybe also the only way to really show what it's like to live with type 1 diabetes. Words are inadequate to demonstrate the bravery, courage and strength of people with type 1 -- also their amazing positive energy! I really, really hope this gets chosen.


Congrates on you being top dog at the moment! Im glad I picked you. :]


Good luck Michelle. I hope you win this. This disease is so misunderstood. I am totally behind anything that may help people get what our kids all go through day in and day out.


Does your idea entail something like World athletes who get out there and do their thing, but still have to take care of their diabetes? That's pretty darn cool.



I hope the votes keep coming in. I emailed everyone I could, posted on my facebook page for many days.....As the parent of 2 type 1 kids I hope this Diabetes awareness project wins and you are able to take our message to the world.



Michelle, I wish you the best of luck! I have a son with type 1 diabetes and I think this is a wonderful idea.


Yea!I'm a Type I 30 yr + a pumper + involved in a fundraiser for ADA Come take some photos! geocities.com/potofgoldpumper Most don't see Diabetes is a disability, a hidden disease + impacts every daily activity(don't tell me that a Diabetic can't do something)but it is serious.C.PlanteDx'78pumper'07


I have a son with type 1 so this is near and dear to my heart!


michelle im jealous im so ridiculouly jealous! Good thing i pickd you! would any of you mind oicking chttp://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/lightpainter69/return-of-the-corn-mothers/
http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/lightpainter69/return-of-the-corn-mothers/orn mothas


I continue to feel warm inside by the outpouring of support from the Type 1 diabetes community. May we show, through photos, the myriad of full lives led by children with Type 1 diabetes and the pains they take to lead those lives. Please continue to spread the word!


Awesome idea Michelle--another vote for you--from one of your 10 year old "Friends for Life!"


Aw Parker! You're the best! BTW, I saw George Canyon last weekend and thought of you!


Very clever idea :) i voted and I think you may be interested in mine as well..check it out


find new ways to heal ...prevention...discipline...guidance...education..innovation..awareness of this topic

please check my idea,,,i promise for every vote i get to make you a collaborator-- and donate a percentage of exhibit sales to your cause.


As a mum of a 5 year old boy with type 1 diabetes I think this is a wonderful project.


What a great idea. My son was diagnosed at age 9; he is now 23. What a hero he is to us. Good luck! If you need a shot of a strikingly handsome young man mixing sound for rock bands, and alternately checking his sugar, let us know!


Good idea!!
You should give mine a look. :)


This is wonderful and original. Good luck! Please check out my idea and toss me a vote :)


I have left a vote. Please visit my dream and leave a comment or vote if you are so inspired...good luck!


My daughter was diagnosed with T1 at age 2 she is now 26, my brother age 29 (he's now 65) and my nephew was diagnosed at 9 (he's now 32 and expecting his first child)....this is a great idea, let's find a cure for DIabetes!


My SiL arrived for a visit today; she has had diabetes from childhood. She is very, very dear to my heart. Thank you all for supporting this great cause. When dreams take on reality, miracles can happen. Bless you.


hope it becomes real, it is a pleasure to just enter the contest where so many great people can still sit down and have a dream.

My idea is called "planting a 35mm seed" if you have some time you could stop by and give me a comment, it would be my pleasure. take care


Good luck... and please check out my dream!


The impact would be phenomenal.Our children are amazing and do wonderful, exciting things with their lives, and have unstoppable dreams, inspite of diabetes.Let's show the world their spunk and vitality, while also showing the realities of what they must deal with.It would be truly inspiring.Bravo!


The groundswell of support for this project continues to inspire me as much as the bravery and determination of our children inspires me. Keep believing!


This is a wonderful idea Michelle. My sister has diabetes type 1 and I grew up seeing her deal with trying to control her blood sugar every day. I remember her looking forward to Diabetic Camp every year. It was a place she could go and feel normal for a change. Good Luck!


Congratulations on your 600th vote! Truly an astounding accomplishment!


Great idea Michelle! Our children are inspiring as they live life to the fullest and don't let the management of their diabetes stop them from achieving their goals. Your idea and their smiles and enthusiasm for life will show the bravery and determination they each exhibit on a daily basis.


Michelle - I am so excited about the support for our kids and your project. What a beautiful way to put a face on type I, showing our kids doing anything they want while dealing with the daily task of staying ALIVE. You are an amazing photographer and you will make us all proud.


I have an 8 yr old who was diagnosed at 3 & now my 6 yr old has shown symptoms & has the antibodies present.The other day I checked her BS & as she cried & clenched her fists, my son put his arm around her telling her it would be ok.It is one thing to hear about diabetes but it's another to live it.


Please read my dream-I think you will love it-please vote and send people to vote for mine if you can!!! Thank you!


Hey, I think your idea is great! I think it's wonderful that your heart is concerned for the things that not many people know about. It seems we have a bit in common: helping those in need and that are in some ways... "forgotten".
Thanks for sharing your idea. The best of luck to you!


Michelle I have two nephews in Ireland with diabetes. Good luck!


Check out my idea, too...
another idea to use photography as a tool for social change and awareness!


Very moving, Michelle. Pic'd you, will you pic me? WITH MY HANDS

Thanks, Marj




I love this idea! check out mine and Pic it if youd like! Congo here I come...


you're spots secured, michelle. if you have a chance, check out my idea. i don't have nearly as many votes but i feel it as passionately as you do


you're spots secured, michelle. if you have a chance, check out my idea. i don't have nearly as many votes but i feel it as passionately as you do


Good luck Michelle!


Good Luck!! What a great cause, we have a 5yr old daughter who has been pumping for 4 years.


Hey Michelle,
awesome idea. Voted for you! Diabetes is an issue that really needs to be addressed. Would you mind voting for my small cat species idea?


Congrates, you are going to win!


Where is pictures?


Thanks for all the support. My two kids got blood draws today. My eldest is used to it after 9 years. The "baby," at only two years old, had no idea what she was getting herself into. She was all smiles until the very moment the needle went it.

May there one day be a better way. . . .


I've seen an excellent photos essay recently on the subject, people here should appreciate. Here the link

I typed my dream this morning, very different (to document a remote temple in Tibet), please leave me comments!

good luck!


Diabetes is an issue good work


I voted for you. I'd love it you'd consider doing the same for me...



This is a subject close to my heart. My husband has been a diabetic for 32 years(diagnosed @5). I am also a teacher and have an elementary student on the pump- she is truly an amazing little girl! Good luck with this project, I think it is a great idea!


Wow I didn't expect you to comment me back, I appreciate that. :]
By the way you are very pretty, <33


This will help to erase a lot of stereo types. I voted for you. Check out my project that works to help save marriages!


Good Luck!


good luck Michelle, I voted for you. Will you check out my idea "from australia with love" and vote for it if you like it?



Please check out my dream. I am attempting to spread the message of conservation photography and this will be good for all photographer!


Planting a 35mm seed dream:
My dream is to make a child's dream come true. My Dream is to plant a seed
This is the making of the best photographers to be.
Those who will show us the guts of their realities as well as their struggle to come out
I voted. Insulin.
Please look at mine as well.


Love it Michelle. I hear those comments all the time too. I feel like people are watching every food choice we make to say AHA! That's why he has diabetes. It drives me crazy. Best of luck.


Kendra (aged 10) in New Zealand thinks your idea is very cool. She was thrilled to read that she is one of half a million!!! If you need a bed - we are here on the east coast of the south island, NZ! All the best!


HI New Zealander here..please vote for my idea if you like it..I live in USA and born NZ and in New Zealand


I'm a photographer and a mom of a child with Type 1 diabetes. This is a great idea--let us know if you come to Missouri!


I have a friend with Type 1 and she did vote for your dream as well as I did. Wonderful idea. Please check out my dream. Comment/vote if you wish. Thanks.


My husband has type 1, great project, and good luck!!


This is really neat! I actually have type 1 diabetes and have since I was 6 years old. I am now 26 and with an insulin pump. I have only had that for about 5 years and gave myself shots for year and before that my mom gave them to me.


got it! and voted for you! -)



I support this - please support my obesity cause which relates to diabetes. Thank you for being a dreamer and sharing you dream. =)


Inquisitorforlife, your obesity cause does NOT relate to Type 1 diabetes. Children with Type 1 diabetes do not get diabetes from obesity. (That is Type 2.) We don't know why their body kills their pancreas, requiring insulin injections for life. It is a very misunderstood disease.


My deepest gratitude to those who have supported this dream. For those of us that live with Type 1 diabetes, we know how extraordinary our children are and what a wonderful photo exhibit their lives would make. May it come to pass. . . .


Great idea. I am type 2, and have always tried to take a goo pic of testing, but to use a child is much more moving. Good luck!


Please Vote for my Assignment too! http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/Pironio/living-with-the-contra-war/



Michelle I think your idea is noble but I just had a question.It is not good to sit around and wait for things to happen and good you're helping raise money for the cure that will be found in the future, but children with type 1 diabetes need help now!! Meanwhile, what are you doing about it?


Nice idea.


I was going to post Anton Kusters' "Sugar" but someone already did!

Best of luck!


You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!




Great idea. Is it possible to see your past photography work? I ask because before voting I think we should consider not just if the "dream assignment" is a good one but also if the person committing themselves to do it has the skills/experience to make the assignment a reality.


Great idea - Would like to see any photography you've done, but in lieu of that, I still like the idea! Please see mine http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/askdzign/rebuilding-a-refugee-reality/


Hmmm. A lot to respond to.
Andres, I have been helping children with Type 1 diabetes get appropriate school services by using my skills as a lawyer for years. I volunteer with the ADA. And I help run elementary school sessions at ChildrenWithDiabetes.com conferences. I wish I could find a cure!


To the person who commented that I am praying on people with a disease (although your comment is gone), please know that I do not intend to "pray" on anyone. Indeed, I have two children with diabetes and intend to show them in the best light possible! Children's faces make for good photography!


I hope your ability to capture what these kids endure on a daily basis will make people more aware of Diabetes 1 and the frustrations they go through. Good luck on your project.


Hi Michelle. I myself have Type 1 diabetes, and have been suffering with this horrendous disease since I was 4 years old. If you have any plans to visit Colorado, I'd love to be the subject for your pictures. Heck, I'll even bring some (diet, obviously) soda or water and snacks! ^.^


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your response. Just wanted to get an idea of your photographic style and what I can expect if you win this and have the chance to pursue your dream photography assignment.

You can see my work here: www.jeffkennel.com




BEAUTIFUL photographs, Jeff. Especially the children!

I love photos of people. I was a sociology major at Harvard (then went to Columbia in NYC).


Good Luck Michelle! Wish you all the best. :)


Congrats on being ranked number 1 :) I wish you the best ~Jen


Voted. Check mine out. http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/relentlsspursuit/capturing-asias-captured/


Nice pics... Keep up the good work.


Nice pics... Keep up the good work.


michelle, we love this idea, too! here's our vote, wishing you the best. aren't you so glad for this chance to put a heart dream out there into the world?


what a really great idea. i just love this idea!
please have a look at my dream and vote/comment.


I'm from Brazil. I'm 24 years old and I'm diabetic (type 1) since I was a kid. Good luck with your project!


Yes, Everyone needs to recognize the life threatening problem of managing
Juvenile Diabetes. Please vote for this project. I did.


Michelle has done much to help me. Anything I can do to help her... I'm there. Love ya Michelle! - Natalie (Mom to Andrea - almost 10, dx'd at age 3 - and five other great kids)


I have type 1 diabetes and this sounds like a great plan. Good luck.


Good luck Michelle! What a wonderful way to bring awareness of Type 1 diabetes.


such an amazing concept that could really help people put a face with an illness that is a growing problem worldwide and hopefully lead to a cure. best of luck this one is really close to my heart!!!


Michelle..great idea, voted for it and asked all my friends to vote for your idea..BTW..I am Ellen U's/"camelsrfun" husband..she mentioned your idea to me.

Good luck ande thanks for all you do.

Jeffry U...


Thank you everyone for your support and comments. It has meant the world to me personally to see all the support. And it has shown me that there is a demand for this idea to come to fruition one way or another! Keep the dream alive!


Go Michelle!


Awesome job, Michelle! Keep up the great work! It's moms like you that help moms like me. We all have to stick together. :)


Michelle, you have our support! Good Luck. What you can do to put a FACE to "D" is limitless with this project.


Good Luck Michelle. What a GREAT cause and this would be a wonderful way to share what these kids go through every day of their lives.


Go Michelle!!! This is a great cause!
My name is Michelle too!


Terrific idea, Michelle!


You got my vote! Make sure you check our blog out http://www.findagravemarker.blogspot.com/ and see our project evolve. We want to record every marker in pictures throughtout the US. Cemeteries are lost or abandond on a daily basis


great idea! got a vote from me

please check out my idea, more artistic then documentary



Hi Michelle-E. Aylor here. I'm T1. Requesting your help to find T1 caucasian foster child (girl) to be a part of our family. Can you help us w/ contacts? [email protected] God bless and thank you!


Thanks to all. My focus, as compared to the other Type 1 project, is to show how kids can still be vibrant kids despite the demands of this disease. I am not interested in documenting despair, but quite the opposite: childhood happiness against all odds.


To those supporters with Type 1 or with children with Type 1, please know that this proposal alone has educated many already about the plight of children with Type 1 diabetes. The first step of many. . . .


my sister was diagnosed with TYPE 1 as a child and it has affected her way past being an insulin deficiency. thanks for your awareness. i belong to JDRF as a supporter/donator (juvenile diabetes research foundation)


What a great idea, I've lived with type 1 diabetes for 11 years. Thank you for putting a face to the disease!!!


God bless you!


As an adult diabetic I wish you the best and think this is a great dream and project. Best of luck!


my daughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 5 weeks ago & life has changed so much! The lack of understanding so many people have about Diabetes is something she finds especially difficult. Your dream would go a LONG way towards her wish of raising awareness in a unique way.


hurry, look up stem-cell treatmnts 4 newly diagnosed within 6 weeks



I've been diabetic for 29 yrs. T/ children I met at diabetic camp at 9yo are dying now in there mid 30s, having quadruple bypass surgeries, glass eyes, blind, kidney failure, amputations,etc. slow death!! I've had 6 trigger fingers, arthritis & internal nerve damage. good luck -I'm spreading t/wrd


I headed here to vote for picture hope (that's how I found out about it). I'm so glad I checked out the other contenders. I'm the mom of a 6 y/o with type 1, diagnosed at 20 months. For me your topic embodies all I could hope for. You've got my vote. Good luck!


Best wishes from AYUDA!


I am voting for you.We have Type 1 in our family too!


My sister Julie died from type 1 and she was only 40 yrs old even after a kidney transplant. I miss her very much, I am a photographer myself and I will help you in any way I can. Please email me [email protected]


Uh oh, now your second place! You need to win! Good luck


You have my vote! I have a son who is now 27, and was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was 12. We need people doing exactly what you are doing. Thank you for your efforts and I hope you win!



Thank you friends for your support! We are coming down to the wire. Please get the word out and keep votes coming. Things could change fast this last day!


Good luck Michelle, it's great that you are raising awareness about this issue. It's every bit as important as winning this contest!

(and thanks for the vote on mine, too! )


Oh, and yes, I DID just vote for you! :)


Michelle, your ability to find emotion in your pictures is next to none.

People group our kids in with Type 2 adults and have no idea what living with the autoimmune disease side of life is like.

You will do great things! Good Luck!


We share a similar interest. DO you know about magnetic insoles? I can send you a study that was published in a JAMA publication re:diabetic neuropathy if you want. Great information that everyone with type 1 or type 2 should know about. A simple tool. $60.


good luck from Deb's nephew


A very important piece of work. Good luck!


go for it michelle!

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