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Tea is the second most heavily consumed beverage in the world. Wars have been fought over it. Economies are dependent on it. Cultures and ceremony revolve around it. And everyone -- EVERYONE -- knows someone who enjoys a cuppa' tea.

What I propose is really quite simple... What I would like to photograph, document, and bring to an audience is the importance of tea in our modern world. Through my photography, writings, and video documentation, I'd like to show the importance of tea as both an agricultural product and as a source of economy for so many countries. At the same time, I also wish to show the pivotal role that it plays -- and has played -- as a cultural element throughout so many parts of the world.

Myself, I actually have a fair amount of connections within the Indian tea industry, and have spent a good amount of time in the Darjeeling region of the Eastern Himalayas. What I propose for this particular project would be a bit more expansive, and would also cover such noted tea growing regions as China, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Uganda.

Though primarily centered around my photography and writings, one key element of this project would be focused upon a series of integrated audio and video interviews in the final presentation, with commentary and observations being provided by historians, tea growers, tea pluckers, and -- last but not least -- tea drinkers.

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