Lost Horizon: remote buddhist temple in Tibet

Travel from China to a remote temple in Tibet, stay there many weeks, document faith and people and changing environment, fulfill the short assignments of blog readers


here the assignement:

Travel to one of the remotest Buddhist temples in Tibet (the exact temple will be chosen by the readers of the blog among a list of "short listed" remote Tibet temples),
stay some months in the temple,
document the journey and the stay,
focus on the people and their environment, how this environment and the culture of these people is changing,
also communicating the spiritual mood of the photographer during that time.

Traveling to Lhasa with the Sky Train from China,
and then traveling by roads,
or flying ultralight plane if government approval is issued so to take pictures also from the sky.
All in all about 6 months assignment.

Blogging during the trip and stay.
The blog audience will be invited to send the photographer on short assignments, so you get a unique chance to see really what you want, even though you don't have time or physical condition to hike remote Tibet places by yourself.


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Hey this idea sounds great! This would be some beautiful pictures! Would love to see them! I voted for you! I'd love your vote too! :)


cheers to the dream friend


Hey - Fantastic idea!

You've got my vote ... Will you check mine out and give me a vote? Hang in there!

Keep shooting ... D


This is an incredibly intriguing photo assignment. Kudos! Great dream & Best of luck - you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!


Voted for you bud, good luck. If you have a chance mind looking mine up about small cat species and seeing if you would be interested in voting.

Take care and keep shooting,


Thanks for the vote!
I enjoyed reading/voting your dream.
You're taking me with you, right? :o)


Thanks for the vote! Good luck, yours is a nice dream assignment.


Thanks for the vote! I voted for you, too!


Thanks for the Burn photo essay on a child with Type 1 diabetes. It gave me good ideas as I go forward. Love your idea, too.


Thanks for the vote! Your idea rocks so I pic'ed you back!


good luck! maybe i'll see you there!


Very cool. I like the idea about people being able to send you on short assignments through the blog, very good.


I love this idea!


Sounds great! I voted for ya.


thanks for your vote. I have voted for yours now too.and folks check out mine too!


MIne is Orphanage America..you will have to look it up in search engine


sick ideal!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for your support and good luck with your project!


great assignment, man. here's to our backpacking ventures, i'll see you in the top 20


I have to agree with people soo many great ideas lost to a popularity contest.


thanks for the votes, I've always wanted to spend time at a monastery/ nunnery of sorts. I love magnum photos! I looked up the soth study...how great :)


you got my vote! good luck


Good ideas like yours that are not in the Top 100 are nearly impossible to find. This is unfair as many great ideas are hidden. Those of us in the “Sub-100” should work together to promote the best projects of the Sub-100 so that they can be in the Top 100 and be seen. Please vote for best Sub-100s!


Thanks for the pic. Pic'd you back. Good luck.


I like this idea, I have been to Tibet and it is definitely a remote part of the world that too many people are not able to visit. This is a great idea to let the outside in and see why Tibet is a magical place that needs it's independence!


God Bless you. You understand where others simply get angry. I appreciate your comments on my dream and will ask my friends to come vote for you. I wish everyone could see as you see and understand as you do.


This is a really neat idea!


This awesome! What a trek it would be! Good Luck!


Interesting idea. Lots of Tibet ideas here! Voted for you. Feel free to vote for my project on human rights abuses, land seizures, political upheaval and the overall struggles of daily life in Zimbabwe.


You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!




voted. good luck!


Though I still cringe at that train being built, I suppose it would be quite a marvel to experience and photograph. Good luck!


great idea...I voted for you please return the vote!!at least 2 spred the awareness!!


I checked out your idea because I noticed that you voted for Father John who has taken a lot of abuse. I love your idea and have voted for it. Tibet and Buddism fascinate me. If not through this contest, I hope you achieve your dream some other way. Good luck.


I like your idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.

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