the peace project

What does it mean to be peace, to live your peaceā€¦ everyday? We will explore and document how people from all over the world plant the seeds of peace, joy and healing in their lives.

From Zen monks in Marin County, CA to a farmer in Costa Rica, to a spiritual healer in Bali, a yoga teacher in Brooklyn, a surfer in Australia, a mom in Kansas...

Initially I will photograph people who embody peace in their everyday lives such as Buddhist monks & spiritual teachers. This will be in a natural, documentary style.

Then set forth into the world to discover how a wide variety of people find and live their peace. Perhaps its through their work, their family life, their spiritual life, in nature, in retreat, in the middle of nyc, who knows! But we will find out.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace ~ Jimi Hendrix

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That is one of my favorite quotes, you got my vote


Anything to bring peace centered solutions, good luck


Peace! Great idea & Best of luck - you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!


I voted for you and believe in your dream.


This idea is rad! I pic'd it. Mine is all about exposing a fatal conflict in the Congo. Return the vote?


Cool. Voted for your idea. Feel free to come by and vote for mine!


This is a very important topic...that many have not figured out yet...It will be great to show those that have. I believe in your dream.


Love it! I pic'd your dream. Check out my dream and pic/comment if you want.


There is definitely a drought of love in the world. Voted.

Check out my story on technology to save the developing world and my portfolio: http://maclellanimages.com/blog1/galleries/


Thanks for your vote on my Kashmir project- certainly need peace among the two nuclear powers India/Pakistan. Good luck with the peace project.


here's to peace projects as opposed to war rooms.


Just saw your tweet on twitter!



Good and original idea. The world can always use a little bit more peace. Good luck!


You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!




Fellow Brooklyn here. Voted!


I like your idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.

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