Shifting Waters

My dream photography assignment would be to travel to the parts of the Earth that are already falling victim to global warming. I want to tell the story of Mother Nature while taking a portrait of the lands before they are gone forever.

Shifting Waters

Rain to river, ocean to cloud. Water is the lubricant that makes the world go round, but right now, the Earth we know is changing. Precious habitats and world wonders are being lost. Glaciers are disappearing, Antartica is shrinking, polynesian islands of paradise are being swallowed by the sea and in Africa, drought and flooding are destroying land used for growing crops and leaving millions of people hungry. The list goes on. . . every continent on the planet is exhibiting signs of climate change.

In 2007 the UN issued a Climate Change warning that was based on the findings of the IPCC (world authority on climate change)! Their warning didn’t say Global warming “could” be in a possibility in the future. . . they said climate change is taking place now and we need to do something soon or the world we know will be forever changed.

My dream photography assignment would be to travel to these parts of the Earth that are already falling victim to global warming. I want to explore the regions and capture the awesome beauty and glory that the land has to offer. Some of these places could possibly vanish within 10 years and this could be an opportunity to document these places before they are changed forever. My dream photo job would basically be to tell the story of Mother Nature. Not only will my focus be to document the changing natural habitat, but also to tell the story of the people directly affected by the changing lands. A portrait of the earth and a portrait of the people. I am influenced by the art of Ansel Adams and the candidness of Robert Frank. I would pull from the inspiration of my photo heros and embrace today’s technology to chronicle this story across all 7 continents.

Some of the places I would like to travel to include:

Antartica - Ice Shelf is Falling into the Ocean

South Pacific - Island of Tuvalu is being swallowed by the Sea

Greenland - Icebergs are Racing to the Ocean

Sub-Sahara - Areas of Drought and Flooding are causing millions to go hungry

Himalayas - Glaciers are melting too fast. These glaciers provide water from large percentage of India and China could affect billions

Europe - Heatwaves

North America - Heatwaves, Drought and Desertification

Alaska/North America, Siberaian area of Asia - Permafrost melting and causing instability in shelter (sinkholes)

Artic - Northwest passage navigable

Venezuala - 2 glaciers exist where once were 6. These two will vanish forever in the next 10 years.

This is a topic close to my heart and I would love the opportunity to play my part in telling the story of global climate change and the people it is affecting.

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