The American Recession/Depression of 2009

I would like to travel around the United States to document the recession/depression of 2009. We're Americans. We may stumble. We may fall. However, we always pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and come back stronger. We're the USA!

There are 48 continental United States. I would like to start in New York, travel across New England where I'm told jobs are prevalent and that the recession hasn't struck yet. Then I would like to move across the Country to the harder hit States in the South and Mid-West,zigzagging through the Western and North Western States to document how the recession is effecting jobs, communities, families, and states. We always hear how bad it is, but there must be good out there, too. Employers helping employees relocate and find new jobs. Communities banding together to help their neighbors. Families, dealing with losses, moving in together. And States, expanding their aide programs.

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great plan! this recession/depression is driving me toward revolution

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