If you'r the type that likes Big Brother, Americas Next Top Model, X-factor, Facebook and Myspace.. my project will interest u!

To understand my idea better have a look at this illustration at this link: projectyourself.michaelxuereb.com

The proposed project is titled PROJECT YOURSELF. With this project I intend to exploit the fact that nowadays, many individuals wish to be seen or heard or at least be recognized by society. It is a subtle criticism of the digital age we are living in, and the type of individuals it is creating. The 21st century culture is fabricating persons that are susceptible to manipulation and are blindly driven by their craving to feel unique and popular. These individuals fantasize about being on Big Brother, X-factor or other reality TV shows for their few moments of fame.

PROJECT YOURSELF is an artistic event where photography is the main medium through which the project’s message shall be delivered. It can also be regarded as an interactive installation experience, during which the visitors are participants. The fascinating thing about this project is its ability to play with these hidden desires of people, and to drag them into becoming part of the installation itself. The appropriate venue for this project would be an art gallery or a space that can be transformed into a gallery space, at any location in London, and the duration of the event will be that of two weeks. The project will consist of two main things; a ‘photo-booth’ and a large projected display.

The visitors would be invited to step inside the ‘photo-booth’, which will be designed specifically for the purpose of the project. Once inside the photo booth, the visitor will take a pose in front of the static camera, which s/he will her/himself activate by pressing an assigned button. The camera would be programmed to take a photo after a few beeping sounds. The visitor would then go out of the booth and collect a receipt from a receipt dispenser situated outside the booth. (Similar to the way we collect our photos from traditional photo-booths) This receipt would specify a date and time at which the photo of the participant would be projected on the large projection display. For example;

date: Monday 24th July
time: from 16:23.45 to 16:24.00.

The projector will be programmed to display a different image every 15 seconds. The displayed images would be the photos shot from inside the photo-booth. The date and time of all the projected images would be randomly selected and should fall within the duration of the event. The whole process, starting from the shooting of the photo, to its displaying on the projection, would be programmed to run automatically. This would require specific software that would coordinate all the different equipment accordingly.

Throughout the event, the activity inside the photo-booth will be running simultaneously with the projection of past head-shots. Therefore participants can view a slideshow of the previous participating visitors. Additionally, by assigning a particular date and time for the displaying of a picture, the participants would be notified of the short time-span in which they would be able to see themselves ‘monumentally’ projected in front of everyone – the realization of their 15 seconds of fame.

This proposal certainly goes beyond the traditional definition of a work of photographic art. The essential artistic elements of this project are the experience the participants go through during this event and the way in which they are lured into becoming a vital part of the art piece itself. I strongly believe that this proposal is an innovative and contemporary work of art that will effectively deliver a cynical message in a pleasant way, and therefore should be favorably considered.

‘Project Yourself’ is a patented project.

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This is good.


Michael, this is really unique! It sounds like a project you could do whether you win or not. Sponsors might go for something like this. Good luck! Here's my one vote - may you get many more.


this is like what they do at film premieres. Ideas in this competition arent copyrighted.this is who gets the most votes. The top ranks are at 1000 through network voting,none of us stand a chance.my advice is if you are protective of your idea,dont put in the public domain.all the best.


You have my vote, if you have the chance, will you please vote for mine?

"From Australia With Love"

It would truly appreciate it.
Thank you,



very interesting. i like it. i voted for ya, check out mine and leave a comment or vote too if you like it, good luck!


intereting idea


Good luck with your idea! Please click on my name and vote for my idea too!


Thanks everyone.. however I don't think I stand a chance, because I only learned about this a few days ago.. and my project is more conceptual.. and I think the judges would favour documentary assignments.


Interesting idea. I've pic'd you... please stop by and pic me and leave a comment!


very interesting! and i think regardless of whether the judges like it, you should pursue it. i don't think i will get to the finals which is very unfortunate. thanks for the support tho!


Hey, Michael. Interesting idea - you've got our PIC. We're trying to donate the $50k prize money to charities across the US. Please check our idea out and support us if you like it. Thanks and good luck!


Interesting idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations. http://tinyurl.com/chy79g

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