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Picture Hope

Two shutter sisters travel to five continents to create a visual catalog of hope from surprising sources while an entire community of women photographers do the same right here at home. More...

By: shuttersisters | comments 225 comments

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The Traveling Poet Project

The Traveling Poet Project is an international tour documenting how poetry, music, and art can bridge our cultural gaps and create a deeper level of understanding and communication. To remind us that we are all one race: Humanity. More...

By: apollopoetry | comments 75 comments

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LGBTIQ-identified people around the world face various social pressures, whether it be a fight against legislation for marriage or the free reign to live as themselves. This project will document this range of experiences worldwide. More...

By: rasj | comments 80 comments

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An Invisible Nation: Documenting Kurdish Culture from Western and Local Perspectives

My dream assignment would be to work in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran to tell the story of the largest culture in the world without a country. More...

By: jvidar | comments 275 comments

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IN HARMS WAY-Exploring the Bond Between Humans and Animals

I'm looking to do a photography documentary exploring the bond between people who dedicate their lives to looking after animals in harms way around the world. An elephant orphanage in Kenya,Dog an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo,and may more. More...

By: jmott78 | comments 408 comments

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Changes in Latitudes: Photo-chronicling the world by navigating up the globe six degrees at a time.

Starting at the southern tip of civilization, I will begin my epic photo-journey north stopping at every 6° change in latitude along the way to capture local images and also to identify a common link between each six degrees of separation. More...

By: singletrax02 | comments 187 comments

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The Face of God-Images of the Divine at Work in Humanity

Disaster and war dominate the media, but another force is at work in the world. Divine love drives ordinary people to extraordinary service. The Face of God will document 10 stories of world-changing people whose weapons are love and faith. More...

By: pdavison | comments 142 comments

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To conquer the “Reign of Ice & Fire”.

Iceland is unique in every single way you may think of. It is literally a country on active formation. My dream assignment would be to be able to travel all around Iceland in midsummer as well as in the coldest part of winter to capture More...

By: GuValGo | comments 134 comments

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Faith as a common human experience

My dream assignment is to photograph the concept of faith and its practice around the world. The goal of this assignment is to photograph the ideas, practice, and the very essence of faith. More...

By: Jerichow | comments 103 comments

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Inevitable Deterioration: Preserving the World

The natural world as we know it is rapidly disappearing. National landmarks and endangered species are dwindling due to climate changes and human involvement. I hope to use photography as a means of preserving this beautiful world. More...

By: lb0104 | comments 59 comments

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