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A Bike Ride Through the Americas

I would like to ride a bicycle through North and South America on an ambitious portrait project, photographing the work of community leaders and activists who are striving for a more sustainable planet.

I am a freelance photojournalist in Long Beach, CA and I travel to all my assignments and shoots with a specially made cargo bicycle, able to carry up to 400lbs of equipment.

I have done this day in and day out for the last three years. In this time, I've come to realize that the environment will be the crises of our times. We've become trapped in a circle of consumption that fills our air with smoke and our lands with trash.

There is hope however. There are people around us that are working for a more sustainable way of life in large and small ways.

In the spirit of the work, I want to ride my bicycle across the country and document the work of these people in multi-media portraits combining stills and recorded audio.


I will bicycle every mile of the journey, making it the first zero emission multi-national photo assignment.

I will seek out local environmental advocates and celebrities, park rangers, bicycle commuters, leaders of co-operative markets, small organic farmers and tell their story.

This is important.

People need to know that there is hope, that around them are others who are working in ways no matter how small or large to make our lives better.

The work will culminate in a website with a series of downloads of the stills and multi-media stories.

It will be the most ambitious zero-emission paperless photography assignment to date.

Let's make it happen.

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I did this from Seattle, WA to Nantucket, MA two years ago. It's a truly amazing experience! Best of luck! Voted.

Check out my project on innovation and technology as change for the developing world and my portfolio here: http://maclellanimages.com/blog1/galleries/


Hi Russ. Would you take the Alaska Highway? This would be an amazing experience. You are is MUCH better shape than I am! I send you my vote with best wishes for success.


Thanks everyone so far! Here's a link to a video of what I do:



Good luck Russ! :)



Great idea! you've got my vote-return the favor?


all the best of luck on making your dream come true.
you rock!!!



great idea Russ! Hope it catches on!


awesome idea to mix work with play :-)



This would be quite the experience! Wish I came up with this idea. You've got a lot of work ahead of you but the finished project will well be worth your efforts. You've got my vote! Check out my idea and if you like it please feel free to return the vote!
Happy Shooting!


Go Russ! Documentar a gente de muchos países, ¡excelente! E que você tenha oportunidades de conhecer as belezas das Américas, ótimo! Avy'a nde rehosé mombyry bicicleta-ári. Many languages! Russ, what an important project idea. Best wishes! Michael Bos


Go Russ, go! Spreading the word about the connection between the environment and our transportation choices is so important.


Hope you get it Russ!



you got my vote
... but we wanna come too :)


Go for it! Your photography is a gift.



Go for it! Your photography is a gift.



Good Luck Russ. The Bilenky Knights of the Wheel is behind you every mile of the way!


very cool, i voted for you, please check out mine and return the vote if you like it, good luck!


Pretty cool angle, Russ. I would still advise skipping Colombia. Voting for you, though. Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on Zimbabwe!


if you win i demand a souvenir.


I'll look forward to reading about this adventure and seeing the wonderful pictures! Good luck, Jack


Great idea Russ. And don't skip Columbia. It's a wonderful place and you'll find lots of great people there. Plus Bogota is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

Good luck!

Aaron Teasdale


Good Russ, Do come through the sustainability capital of Eugene, OR and plan to stay with me and my family. We are local gardeners, car-free, bee keepers, minimal consumers and totally enjoying the trip.


You got my vote, really looking forward to see the pics of your journey.


Hope it works out for you!


Good Luck, Russ! We blogged you today and hope we can draw some more votes for you!


G'day mate.
You have my vote. I could use yours.

"From Australia With Love"

I would appreciate it.

Thanks, and good luck.



i can see you doing it already...


Good Luck Russ. FYI - You have a great assignment idea, but you got my vote based on the quality of your work.



Russ, you have my vote since I also believe that much of today's environmental problem is linked to our transportation!!
- Henry


Good luck Russ! I added my vote, hope you'll vote for me too!
Kayte aka K8inLA


I wish I had thought of this... I'd like to join you!


Russ, I hope you get this assignment. It is the job of a lifetime!


Hope you get this one..


Best wishes Russell. We support you and hope you win. Big hug, Mom


Interesting idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.

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