Give Cancer a Face

It is too easy to ignore Cancer until it touches your life. This project is about showing people how their lives are already effected

The mailman, your child's teacher, perhaps a co worker. Has Cancer.
It is so easy to write cancer out of your life, ignore it, even deny its existence when no one in your household, your family, has been touched. Unfortunately, the ignorance is bliss theory doesn't last long. This project is an attempt to show that Cancer is already a part of people's lives and to bring awareness to people living in small towns and small communities around the world. It is about promoting early detection and education. Showing people in a community that caner has already taken its toll on them and that early detection can stop it from doing more harm.
My goal is to record the effects cancer has played in a community and to show these photos locally. So people in the community will see the hardships of their neighbors and friends or friends of friends and caregivers and hopefully be more proactive in their health.

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This project shows depth of understanding on this issue. I believe this is a worthwhile endeavor, one that would be done with compassion and one that would raise awareness on an important issue of our day.


I am adding my vote to your dream and asking if you are willing to help my dream for Children get back in the top 20 by voting for me. I am so close, but still out. Please help. In any case, may God Bless you and may all your dreams come true. Just a couple hours left.


This project would have a high impact

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