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Connecting Perspectives

I would love to document effects of globalization on culture and environment
in diverse regions. My photography would capture a view of the impacts of regional production, in contrast to images from youth
depicting their own lives.

Connecting Perspectives

The modern era has drastically intensified connections between society and environment, so that the effects of globalization are more extreme than ever. I want to explore the impact of big transformations on the smaller scale of the individual. Using photography as a communicative tool, I believe I can shed light on and intensify global interconnectedness. My “inside-out” approach exposes contrasting perspectives by juxtaposing my outlook with that of diverse populations around the world.

The recipe for my project includes:

1) Documenting communities’ roles in global production systems, and depicting the specific social experience of youth in those regions. In many cases, the immediate affects of globalization on children have not yet been documented.

2) Providing a group of children/teens with digital disposable cameras to represent this connection themselves. I would facilitate the trading of images between children I would work with, creating a pen-pal system. This would provide a forum for creative expression and increased global awareness.

3) All the photographs would come together as an accumulative “traveling exhibit”, so images from previously visited destinations would be displayed in the current community. The culminating exhibit would be in San Francisco, CA.

This project could shed new light on international conditions and expand awareness about divergent perspectives and personal expression. I choose to focus on youth because the next generation will rely on innovative children, whose honest point of view would offer fresh insight into social experience.

The locations could include
Shanghai, China
Dubai, UAE
The Amazon Basin, Brazil
Rabat, Morocco
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Cañar, Ecuador
Nile Valley, Egypt
San Salvador, El Salvador
Bonin Islands, Japan
Misiones Province, Argentina
Riga, Latvia
New Orleans, La USA
Northwestern Tanzania
St. Lucia, Caribbean
Zürich, Switzerland
San Francisco, CA USA

I am passionate about exploring the contrast between my American perspective and that of the individuals I could work with around the world. I would most sincerely appreciate the opportunity to travel and capture unique life experiences in diverse communities.

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I like your idea!

I voted for you; will you vote for me? Let's do this and see how it turns out. Let's help each other!

Good luck!


you have my vote Please go and vote for me.



I think this is a fantastic idea. I was just asked to do research on the effects of globalization on the populations of third world countries, and the importance of exposing the lives of these impoverished people is more critical now than it ever has been before. Good for you. You have my vote.


I hope you win girl! I'm a global studies major so im learning all about this stuff, I would love to see your work. Good Luck! - Carrie


This sounds amazing! I hope you get it!


Your project seems really important and realizable! I think it would have great impact on the kids you would work with. Photography is your link to connecting perspectives. Bravo!


Interesting idea. You have my vote.


Best wishes with your project! May I recommend the work of Zana Briski to you?
She is the founder of "Kids with Cameras" and produced a remarkable film called, "Born Into Brothels," along with other interesting projects.
Here is the website:

Good Luck!


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I love it! The project has amazing depth and scope; this documentation and the establishment of the described networking would absolutely provide a forum for creative expression and increased global awareness!!!! I hope you get it Leah...xoxoDianne


Very Impressive Leah Good Luck!


gl! - anatoly


Hey everyone,

Thank you sooo much for the support! Don't forget to "Pic it" AFTER you sign up so that the vote goes through :)

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Great idea. I voted for this. Please consider my ideas as well.


Leah, very impressive and articulate idea. May your Dream come true!
Uncle Mike


Leah, regardless of whether or not you win this thing... I think you should follow your dream. It sounds great! And keep in mind that dreams can be modified too, there always changing. Good luck!


Intriguing. These are things we should understand about our world. You have the talent, intelligence, and passion to pull this off. Incorporating the perspective of children via their own photos is exciting. This may be their first experience with a camera. How empowering for them!


dcumentation of tha human variety and productions is always a good idea, good luck


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Very cool. Please, check me out too when you've got the time.


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Thanks for voting for my idea. I really like yours too!


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Mine is also in China, return the vote if you like it!

Good luck!


Good luck Leah. Have you thought about cell phone cameras? Maybe a company would sponsor you? I hope you win!!!!


Very well thought out with excellent components and love that you have identified ways to give back. Best of luck!


Great, well thought out idea! voted.

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Your idea sounds good, the judges will like yours if you reach the final.
the judges are mostly documentary photographers which is not to my favour.. coz my project is conceptual. I really believe in my project but i don't think it'll do well with the judges.

anyway.. good luck