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Picture Hope

Two shutter sisters travel to five continents to create a visual catalog of hope from surprising sources while an entire community of women photographers do the same right here at home. More...

By: shuttersisters | Rank: 1 | comments 225 comments

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The Traveling Poet Project

The Traveling Poet Project is an international tour documenting how poetry, music, and art can bridge our cultural gaps and create a deeper level of understanding and communication. To remind us that we are all one race: Humanity. More...

By: apollopoetry | Rank: 2 | comments 75 comments

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LGBTIQ-identified people around the world face various social pressures, whether it be a fight against legislation for marriage or the free reign to live as themselves. This project will document this range of experiences worldwide. More...

By: rasj | Rank: 2 | comments 80 comments

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An Invisible Nation: Documenting Kurdish Culture from Western and Local Perspectives

My dream assignment would be to work in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran to tell the story of the largest culture in the world without a country. More...

By: jvidar | Rank: 2 | comments 275 comments

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IN HARMS WAY-Exploring the Bond Between Humans and Animals

I'm looking to do a photography documentary exploring the bond between people who dedicate their lives to looking after animals in harms way around the world. An elephant orphanage in Kenya,Dog an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo,and may more. More...

By: jmott78 | Rank: 3 | comments 408 comments

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Changes in Latitudes: Photo-chronicling the world by navigating up the globe six degrees at a time.

Starting at the southern tip of civilization, I will begin my epic photo-journey north stopping at every 6° change in latitude along the way to capture local images and also to identify a common link between each six degrees of separation. More...

By: singletrax02 | Rank: 4 | comments 187 comments

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The Face of God-Images of the Divine at Work in Humanity

Disaster and war dominate the media, but another force is at work in the world. Divine love drives ordinary people to extraordinary service. The Face of God will document 10 stories of world-changing people whose weapons are love and faith. More...

By: pdavison | Rank: 5 | comments 142 comments

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To conquer the “Reign of Ice & Fire”.

Iceland is unique in every single way you may think of. It is literally a country on active formation. My dream assignment would be to be able to travel all around Iceland in midsummer as well as in the coldest part of winter to capture More...

By: GuValGo | Rank: 6 | comments 134 comments

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Faith as a common human experience

My dream assignment is to photograph the concept of faith and its practice around the world. The goal of this assignment is to photograph the ideas, practice, and the very essence of faith. More...

By: Jerichow | Rank: 7 | comments 103 comments

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Inevitable Deterioration: Preserving the World

The natural world as we know it is rapidly disappearing. National landmarks and endangered species are dwindling due to climate changes and human involvement. I hope to use photography as a means of preserving this beautiful world. More...

By: lb0104 | Rank: 8 | comments 59 comments

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Circumnavigate the Mediterranean Sea

I plan on circumventing the Mediterranean Sea and documenting the wide array of cultures that occupy a relatively small portion of the world More...

By: AEllison | Rank: 9 | comments 96 comments

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Deep In The Jungle, a Lost WWII Plane

Deep in the Papuan jungle, quietly resting for around 60 years, there is a story desperately long for home, a peaceful end to World War II in which they fought so bravely. More...

By: SRP | Rank: 10 | comments 347 comments

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Poverty ends where love begins.

Our goal is to travel to impoverished nations, document the reality of poverty, use resources to fight poverty and raise awareness of the epidemic of poverty. We want to tell their story. More...

By: ajbaudoux | Rank: 11 | comments 78 comments

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Insulin Is Not A Cure (For Children With Type 1 Diabetes)!

I would like to photograph children with Type 1 diabetes doing two things: 1. testing their blood sugar or injecting insulin and 2. doing their favorite thing. I would like to exhibit the photos to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. More...

By: Michelle | Rank: 12 | comments 270 comments

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Return of the Corn Mothers

I would continue the work that I've begun on the Return of the Corn Mothers project, branching out into other parts of the United States and abroad to record the lives of other Corn Mothers from different cultures and geographical regions. More...

By: lightpainter69 | Rank: 13 | comments 47 comments

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"The day the dogs stood still"

"The day the dog stood still" a photographic journey of life and hope. More...

By: frazz | Rank: 14 | comments 339 comments

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An Unexpected Exhibition

I would travel, with camera, computer and printer to 6 locations with interesting people, architecture and everyday traditions in diverse landscapes. Within a few days the photos would be on display at an easily accessible exhibition. More...

By: onesmallbag | Rank: 14 | comments 342 comments

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Ring of Fire and Serenity

A solar eclipse will occur on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. This dream assignment is the ability to photograph the eclipse in China, with an additional six weeks of shooting dedicated to “the regions within the path of the umbra.” More...

By: jangelashumskas | Rank: 15 | comments 278 comments

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Land Mines: Helping to bring an end to these cruel weapons

Land mines are one of the most inhumane and irresponsible weapons used in war. Approximately 90% of all land mine deaths and injuries are civilian related, with 1/3 being children. More...

By: EndLandMines | Rank: 16 | comments 262 comments

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The World in a Bubble

In a time when a fresh perspective is most certainly needed, my ultimate goal is to travel worldwide and capture recognizable natural and man-made icons within the reflection of an unorthodox and playful perspective: a floating bubble. More...

By: reflections | Rank: 17 | comments 248 comments

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The Musical Culture of Route 66

In collaboration with my father – the person who inspired my passion for both photography and music – I would like to travel Route 66, documenting the range of American musical culture and creating a project to benefit music education. More...

By: LaBargex2 | Rank: 18 | comments 270 comments

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The Simple Joys

With each passing day it seems there's more and more to be discouraged about. I want to travel to impoverished and depressed regions across the globe and show that there's so much more joy that we don't see than pain that we do. More...

By: focalmatter | Rank: 19 | comments 147 comments

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One Goat at a Time: Showing the Heifer Project Change Lives & Better the World

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Photography of real lives changed by Heifer reveal the power of giving people a means to support themselves. Stories of change & hope. PIC me. More...

By: galezucker | Rank: 20 | comments 102 comments

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Children of the World

The children of the world are the future of our planet. In their faces are the dreams and hopes for us all. More...

By: FatherJohn | Rank: 21 | comments 404 comments

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For Our Daughters

Travel the country (some day the world) to take portraits of everyday women and show how beautiful they are. I want my daughter to see how many kinds of beauty there are. I want your daughters to see that too. More...

By: Sadandbeautiful | Rank: 22 | comments 106 comments

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Conflict in the Congo

My assignment will be exposng the most fatal conflict since WWII unfolding in the Democratic Rebulic of the Congo. I will use the trip to educate and empower people while encouraging action to help others. More...

By: bsasso | Rank: 22 | comments 178 comments

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The Dream Give-away: 50 States, 50 Days, $50,000 Donated…

Our Dream Asignment is to travel to each state in the country, spend a day volunteering with a local non-profit, photograph the people helping and being helped by others, and make a donation of $1,000 to each charitable organization. More...

By: giveaway | Rank: 23 | comments 195 comments

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Random acts of kindness

To travel around the world and ask people, "If you could do one random act of kindness for anybody else in the world, what would it be?" I would then travel and fulfill this random act of kindness to another stranger and continue the cycle. More...

By: ekizz | Rank: 24 | comments 113 comments

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Zimbabwe: A Nation Crumbling

Document life in Zimbabwe while the country's people suffer economic collapse, land seizures, lack of healthcare, food shortages and crumbling public services under the dysfunctional leadership of Robert Mugabe's dictatorship. More...

By: willbaxter | Rank: 25 | comments 276 comments

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Food as Ritual, Food as Sustenance, Food as Identity

The way people eat, and make food to feed themselves, their families, and their communities speaks volumes. I would like to capture this age-old labor in places as diverse as Africa, Europe, Asia, and more. More...

By: melinaphotos | Rank: 26 | comments 168 comments

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The Vanishing America Project

The things that make America wonderful, fun, beautiful, and exciting… the very things that we cherish in our lives, are in danger of vanishing forever. More...

By: VanishingAmerica | Rank: 27 | comments 139 comments

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Where There Are No Doctors

The majority of the world’s poor live in rural areas where there is limited if any access to health services. Economic hardship creates such a fragile balance that lives can be shattered by even the most treatable of diseases... More...

By: frankduggan | Rank: 28 | comments 83 comments

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The Type 1 Documentary Project

I will be photographing and interviewing children in Latin America living with Type 1 Diabetes. The footage will be used in marketing campaigns for AYUDA Inc, a global NGO that educates and empowers children living with diabetes worldwide. More...

By: type1ayuda | Rank: 29 | comments 32 comments

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Water for Life

My dream assignment is to use a combination of photojournalism and volunteer work to improve access to clean water for the world’s poor, by supporting international organizations already engaged in battling the world water crisis. More...

By: WaterForLife | Rank: 30 | comments 29 comments

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Growing from the Root: A Youthful Renaissance of Native American Culture

I wish to explore the daily lives of Native American youth: their adolescent struggle and striving for individuality, as well as their symbolic participation in old tribal ways. More...

By: giachett | Rank: 31 | comments 86 comments

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Walls, the way we separate ourselves

We have been building walls for as long as we could pile rock on rock, to separate ourselves from our neighbours. All these barriers fail. I will photograph these attempts at separation and how as human beings, not nations, we overcome. More...

By: mogmismo | Rank: 32 | comments 116 comments

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At Nature's Whim

The magnitude of landscapes is often lost. I would like to travel to the most beautiful, humbling spots on earth and display them in large installations to preserve their grandeur, and show our insignificance in this tremendous world. More...

By: marcbliss | Rank: 33 | comments 156 comments

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Do-It-Yourself Culture

I want to travel the world and photograph people who have formed a DIY culture. From music, to bikes, to household cleaning, to food, people have bucked conventional consumer society for a one built upon doing things yourself. More...

By: dirtylittlecity | Rank: 34 | comments 86 comments

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Portraiture for the Preservation of Tibet - A Brother and Sister Unite to Raise Awareness

My brother and I want to travel to communities of Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal, as well a Tibet itself if possible, to document the people and culture to raise awareness and tell the story of a culture nearing extinction. More...

By: siblings2tibet | Rank: 35 | comments 48 comments

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The High Mountain People of the World

To photograph the high mountain people of the world, the ways in which they have adapted to living at high altitude, their culture, daily life, and to document the ways of life that are vanishing in the high mountains. More...

By: lucasbarth | Rank: 36 | comments 98 comments

470 PICS

What Water Can Do: Seeing and Showing

We live in a world where 1.1 billion people don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. And despite the fact that this kills over 5 million people a year, it seems that much of the West has no idea. I want to show them. More...

By: kutimpinen | Rank: 37 | comments 45 comments

465 PICS

Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

My name is Aaron. I am 25 years old. By the time I am 45, half of the world may be dying of thirst. By using photography as my medium I hope to highlight problems and provoke change in the misuse of water around the world. More...

By: aknacer | Rank: 38 | comments 73 comments

454 PICS

The Melting Point: A Last Glimpse into a Disappearing World

Climate change is real, and some of the world's most beautiful untouched sanctuaries are slowly being lost to mankind's overreaching grasp. I will travel the world to document these "lost" landscapes before it is too late. More...

By: krisc | Rank: 39 | comments 75 comments

439 PICS

Walk the Line

A view of the world - its people, lands, cultures - from 40 degrees latitude north. I would follow that line of latitude, east to west, never diverting from the path, capturing the beauty that exists under one geographic commonality. More...

By: Aperturious | Rank: 40 | comments 109 comments

422 PICS

Unignorable Beauty

My dream assignment is to capture the overlooked beauty of the poverty-stricken of the world, giving all profits made from the photos back to the communities of the ones whom I photographed, enabling them to live fuller, healthier lives. More...

By: quinnballard | Rank: 41 | comments 52 comments

407 PICS

Sacred Light – A Visual Exploration of What We Believe

Global in scope, inclusive in spirit, revealing by nature, this journey will result in artful images that juxtapose the varied and beautiful forms of belief around the world with the deeper and intrinsic similarities that connect us all. More...

By: parmenia | Rank: 42 | comments 56 comments

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Journey To The Ends of The Earth: Stories of the Conflict Between Colonial and Indigenous Cultures

A world record breaking expedition from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina using a hydrogen powered vehicle. Upon completion of this journey I will be the first single person to drive the length of the Globe without fossil fuels. More...

By: JoeWhittle | Rank: 43 | comments 110 comments

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A silent scream - victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Since 1996, more than 250,000 women and children have been brutally raped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The conflict in the DRC is the world's deadliest since WWII, with more than 5.4 million people dead from the effects of war. More...

By: alissaeverett | Rank: 44 | comments 63 comments

379 PICS

Childhood Interrupted

To bring to light the extreme hardships of the estimated 100,000 children that live on and under the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Many children are victims of child trafficking and family abuse and were forced to escape to the street. More...

By: florio | Rank: 45 | comments 116 comments

367 PICS

Making Peace with the World/ Peace Corps at 50

Photograph Peace Corps volunteers in service around the world. Create a visual record of Peace Corps volunteers in the field to help promote the agency in time for the 50th anniversary in 2011. More...

By: richs85 | Rank: 46 | comments 91 comments

364 PICS


I will travel to all seven continents to document and pick an endangered species from each region to represent the state of crisis facing the most vulnerable members of the Animal Kingdom and their natural habitats. More...

By: DEBSTA | Rank: 47 | comments 114 comments

349 PICS

Travels of My Ancestors

To travel the possible routes my ancestors took to get from the east coast to Chicago. More...

By: Grumpy | Rank: 48 | comments 319 comments

332 PICS

Suburban Daydreams

Lucid dreams captivate many as elusive outlets. However, photography already lets me communicate and organize my “dream works.” My project, is to composite surrealist interpretations and explorations of suburban landscapes. More...

By: ZackCC | Rank: 49 | comments 64 comments

315 PICS

One Race | Human Race | Visual Wealth

Race is a social construct. If we look at enough faces at one time, we can began to see that we are more alike than we are the different. With a visual encyclopedia of faces, I want to highlight the uniqueness and the similarities we share. More...

By: sedmiles | Rank: 50 | comments 94 comments

312 PICS

What is Conservation Photography?

5 issues. 5 months. In an attempt to identify the strength of using still images for the purpose of communicating a conservation message, this project aims to introduce the public to the power of Conservation Photography. More...

By: neilosborne | Rank: 51 | comments 37 comments

299 PICS


How do your hands change the world? I plan to shoot and collect photography and video of YOUR hands and use these images to create a short film series about how our hands impact the world. More...

By: BROWNSTONEBABE | Rank: 52 | comments 91 comments

289 PICS

Vanishing Resources: Earth's Moment of Truth

Photographing the most critical issues today: the misuse and overuse of our natural resources, specifically deforestation, fresh water supplies, waste management and non-renewable fuel dependency, would be my dream assignment. More...

By: jmlangille | Rank: 53 | comments 129 comments

283 PICS

Self Sacrifice is Easy, It's Sacrificing those we love that is Difficult: Families of soldiers KIA

I would like to photograph and tell the stories of the soldiers in the war in Iraq through the loved ones awaiting their return. All proceeds from the book would go towards a program to support military families of soldiers KIA. More...

By: JessicaLark | Rank: 54 | comments 62 comments

282 PICS

Beautiful Bourgogne

It has long been my husband's and my dream to do a photographic book on Beautiful Bourgogne, its vine-covered hillsides, ancient stone villages, craggy cliffs, and most importantly, many of its families who have been making wine on their lands for centuries. More...

By: TBC | Rank: 55 | comments 102 comments

274 PICS

Native American Life

My dream Photo Assignment will be to document how Native Americans across the entire United States and Canada on and off reservations hold on to their culture, beliefs, and identity in the 21st century. More...

By: Geckley | Rank: 56 | comments 96 comments

269 PICS

Art History is Our History: A Documentary and Apprenticeship of Master Artisans Around the World

A people’s history intricately wrapped into its art. How artists understand the world is told through their artistry and passed on through generations. I'd like to apprentice master artisans around the world and document the experience. More...

By: VisualAnthropologist | Rank: 57 | comments 42 comments

268 PICS

BINGO - Mother and Daughter Adventure

We'll travel around the US enjoying the game of BINGO. We'll collect whatever prize we might win, but donate all the cash to American Heart Association in memory of my father who died of heart disease at the age of 44. More...

By: zibs | Rank: 58 | comments 83 comments

268 PICS

Shooting Without Guns

Children in rural Afghanistan know what guns are – but most haven’t held a camera. I want to work with them to photograph life in the village and give the world a new view of Afghanistan. I chose a village where I've worked and know people. More...

By: BarakaPhotos | Rank: 58 | comments 116 comments

266 PICS

Peaceful Coexistence in the Arab-Israeli World

When asked about his peace plan for the Middle East, an Israeli rabbi once said, “All I can do is to teach my son not to hate.” As a photographer, all I can do is document instances of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs. More...

By: jrhandel | Rank: 59 | comments 98 comments

264 PICS

Global Coalitions: Great Ideas That Work!

Our global communities are facing daunting issues but rather than focus on the bad, my work will be devoted to capturing the solutions; the great ideas that work so that we may share our ideas globally and be the change so badly needed. More...

By: firegirl445 | Rank: 60 | comments 163 comments

264 PICS

See the world through their eyes! Children of the world tell their story with photographs.

My dream is to capture the world through the eyes of the children. I want to travel the world, hand children cameras, let them take picture, and build a collection of photos showing how they view the world around them. More...

By: Dima | Rank: 60 | comments 105 comments

264 PICS

Project Moo Moo Meow

Our dream assignment is to travel across the United States, photographing rescued farm animals and using the art of photography as a tool for social change. More...

By: projectmoomoomeow | Rank: 60 | comments 40 comments

258 PICS

Revealed - Journey's of self exploration and Spirituality

Revealed is a project with portraits of individuals, each holding a small wood box filled with objects that represent their spiritual experience. My dream is to expand my current Revealed project to include subjects throughout the world. More...

By: scottindermaur | Rank: 61 | comments 91 comments

256 PICS

an intimate look at childbirth across the world - me, a camera, and 6 new lives

You know that moment when a new life is born & all is right with the world? Does that moment happen for everyone-those in rural areas, the third world, or cloaked in religious traditions? I want to document a birth in 6 nations worldwide. More...

By: melissazihlman | Rank: 62 | comments 90 comments

255 PICS

13 Ingenious Grandmothers

There is a Alliance of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers that span around the world spreading ancient knowledge, wisdom and love...My dream is to photograph each and every one of them, honor them and their teachings..Their voice needs to be heard. More...

By: mangomama | Rank: 63 | comments 100 comments

252 PICS

Pregnancy and Poverty

with a swollen belly and nothing to eat, she is ignored by western powers and prays that her child will see a better tomorrow. through photos, i will tell her tale. More...

By: jnabongo | Rank: 64 | comments 96 comments

251 PICS

A drugstore doesn't unite the wolrd.From film development to the impossible selling ofcheap HIVdrugs

I want to show how different realities can be by shooting the different articles a drugstore sells:in US a drug store offers an enormous quantity of medicines while in Africa those drugs cannot be sold.AIM:a global decent standard of living More...

By: julioaceituno | Rank: 65 | comments 104 comments

250 PICS

JUMP FOR JOY: Spreading a universal theme throughout the world.

There’s something about traveling that gives me an adrenaline rush & makes me want to leap... My dream photo assignment is to take a jumping photo in as many countries as I can - to capture the simple shared expression of JUMPING FOR JOY! More...

By: cheekytraveler | Rank: 66 | comments 89 comments

248 PICS

Unity Through Community

Non-profit organizations give of their time and energy so that they can help make the world a better place. No matter where or who they are they all share a desire to help. May their documented story continue to unite and inspire us. More...

By: jenmay | Rank: 67 | comments 94 comments

248 PICS

Stories of War (Africa)

My dream photo assignment is to tour Africa's war-torn regions and tell the stories of the people I meet who've lost so much, but still survive. More...

By: phelme | Rank: 67 | comments 41 comments

247 PICS

CHALK; the eyes of a failing public educational system in the US

EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY ACT states that "No State shall deny equal educational opportunity to an individual on account of his or her race, color, sex, or national origin." We are failing and this is a story that must be told. More...

By: innatephoto | Rank: 68 | comments 55 comments

246 PICS

Perfectly Imperfect, a Black and White Photography Exhibit for Shriners Hospital

Capturing intimate moments in the lives of families affected by a disability or severe tragedy via black and white photography. Goal is to increase awareness of Shriners and to show the strength and beauty of those affected by a disability. More...

By: amcdocumentary | Rank: 69 | comments 64 comments

237 PICS

Humanitarian Photography

There are people in the world that can go their whole life without ever seeing themselves. I want to show them who they are: one person, one family, one community, and one village at a time. More...

By: Pentoast | Rank: 70 | comments 54 comments

236 PICS

Stories Untold: What Are We Missing?

I want to tell the stories that have not been told. I want to tie in my love of learning about new cultures with my love for photography. By so doing, I want to inspire people to action, not sympathy. More...

By: lesaclose | Rank: 71 | comments 62 comments

235 PICS

Abortion in Vietnam - Higest abortion rate in the world - "I'm sorry child"

Vietnam has the highest abortion rate in the world. Babies are aborted at any month during development. The interesting thing is that entire cemeteries are built for the babies. People travel to them to ask forgiveness from the dead babies. More...

By: kgerman | Rank: 72 | comments 34 comments

231 PICS

the killing fields...

i would like to take my wife back to where she was born -- a place her dad said good-bye to forever, vowing never to return. More...

By: johnwaire | Rank: 73 | comments 103 comments

231 PICS

Children of Hope

The children of Africa have experienced violence and poverty. Yet, many of them are still hopeful of their future and of the future of their countries. I want to travel throughout Africa and document the hope that these children have. More...

By: JillianSTL | Rank: 73 | comments 78 comments

231 PICS

Small Cat Species of the World

To photograph six threatened small cat species living in the wild, all of which are little known and underappreciated. More...

By: Seabass | Rank: 73 | comments 53 comments

231 PICS

A Socialist Vacation Among Princes and Divinities

Two young American girls explore the land of their father (France), the grandmother they do not know, a culture close, yet so different from their own. With them we look at a society that could inspire America in its quest of solutions. More...

By: clic | Rank: 73 | comments 107 comments

226 PICS

Latin America: Maintaining Biodiversity to Help Save la Pacha Mama

We dream of exploring efforts by Latin American farmers to preserve biodiversity. In doing so, we would photograph the traditional seeds, farms, and people that are devoted to maintaining variation in agriculture. More...

By: sophiaandjackie | Rank: 74 | comments 30 comments

225 PICS

Santorini: Modern Day Reality

To live on the island of Santorini photographing the people who make it one of the world's top travel destinations and an icon of Greece. More...

By: akolyer | Rank: 75 | comments 75 comments

223 PICS

America's Visionary ChangeMakers

We live in an age of change. My dream assignment is to photograph Americans who are innovative in making a positive impact on our world...and the images will help inspire others to "be the change they wish to see in the world". -Ghandi. More...

By: careykirkella | Rank: 76 | comments 53 comments

221 PICS

Power of Waste

Waste is a product of everyday life. It is a byproduct of our existence and our disproportionate way of life. Will waste take over our space? More...

By: cailin_charly | Rank: 77 | comments 33 comments

214 PICS

The Revival of Hope

The Dream: To photograph people living in Displacement camps in Africa. The Goal: To encourage global awareness of the hardships Displaced People face, to inspire people to help, and to recognize the resiliency of the human spirit. More...

By: AngieRowe | Rank: 78 | comments 87 comments

212 PICS

Rock and Roll America

Celebrate the glorious tradition of Rock and Roll music in America through the lens of a touring singer/songwriter. More...

By: joehedges | Rank: 79 | comments 36 comments

209 PICS

Documenting the Worldwide Expatriate Experience

My dream assignment is to document the expatriate experience worldwide, using real-life expats to reimagine historical paintings, iconic photographs and famous literary passages depicting travel and expat life. More...

By: MissExpatria | Rank: 80 | comments 74 comments

209 PICS

Shattered Dreams - The World of Child Labor

Around the world more than 320 million children under the age of sixteen are involved in child labor. That is more than the entire population of the United States. My dream assignment is to document the shattered dreams of these children. More...

By: acekvale | Rank: 80 | comments 54 comments

208 PICS

Children Around the World Having Fun Without iPods

I would like to travel to remote villages and meet with children from around the world. I would like to see how kids who don't have access to technology have fun. More...

By: timjustindodd | Rank: 81 | comments 79 comments

201 PICS

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I would like to go to Midway Island in the Pacific and document the albatross population that is dying from ingesting plastic from the Pacific Gyre. More...

By: chrisjordan | Rank: 82 | comments 23 comments

198 PICS

Giving Back a Treasure: Providing portraits to impoverished families

To give family portraits to impoverished families in communities in India and Peru who do not have means or access to photography services. More...

By: coldspaghetti | Rank: 83 | comments 62 comments

195 PICS

Great Britain on foot: Bridle Path and Barge

England is a wealth of history. The motor car is new. For all the time before that people got around on lanes, and highways, which are now byways and backpaths. I want to wander them, recording what I find. More...

By: Pecunium | Rank: 84 | comments 46 comments

194 PICS

A Journey of a Million Smiles

Photographing the smile at a time! More...

By: vails | Rank: 85 | comments 105 comments

193 PICS

PLAYING FOR TOMORROW - soccer as a vehicle for a better life in Papua New Guinea’s rainforests.

The game of soccer in Papua New Guinea is a crucial site of social transformation and cultural change. Our dream assignment will document a local soccer tournament as a way to look at the interplay of traditional and modern forces. More...

By: Jessipop | Rank: 86 | comments 27 comments

192 PICS

abc…The Global Alphabet Project : From Amsterdam to Zanzibar…xyz

Synopsis: My Dream Assignment is to create a global art project using the Roman alphabet as a uniting theme. This will involve the creative participation of locals from cities around the world: from Amsterdam to Zanzibar. More...

By: TWANSKI | Rank: 87 | comments 87 comments

187 PICS

The Gorgeous South and its Lost Heritage

Past photographers hung photographs in art galleries to inspire people to fix the South. I want to create a book of photographs that honor and share the untold stories and beauty of the rural South with the world and give copies back to the More...

By: JessicaCanady | Rank: 88 | comments 52 comments