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Small Cat Species of the World

To photograph six threatened small cat species living in the wild, all of which are little known and underappreciated.

We have all heard of lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars, but how many people know what a Kodkod looks like or where it lives? How about the Andean Mountain Cat?

Scientists have identified thirty-seven species of wild cats, but somehow we have focused all of our attention and energy towards the 'great cats', ignoring their smaller cousins who are just as charismatic. This may be due to their secretive nature or their often hard to traverse habitats, but these characteristics will also contribute to their disappearance from this planet without much notice.

More than half (15) of the small cat species are listed by the IUCN Red List as threatened or endangered, but how are they supposed to be saved if no one knows about them? I have no doubt that these cat species will receive the help they need once people can relate to them through pictures accompanied by information.

My goal is to showcase and highlight six of the twenty-eight small cat species:

Andean Mountain Cat - South America
Kodkod - South America
Marbled Cat - southeast Asia
Bay Cat - southeast Asia
Pallas's Cat - central Asia
Sand Cat - southwest Asia, northern Africa

All six of these species are listed on the IUCN Red List and are threatened by extinction. Furthermore, for all six species less than a handful of published images exist; they need more exposure to ensure their survival.

Spending two months on each species, the images will be captured through remote cameras and through normal photographic methods. I would then like to showcase the cats by sharing the images with the world through articles, blogs, working with conservation organizations to allow them to use the images, and any other way that will spread the word that we need to save these species and the habitats that they live in.

My goal is that in the end people will know what a Kodkod looks like and where it lives.

Sebastian Kennerknecht

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cute idea i love cat too. I voted for u so plz pic also my idea.....til nxt!


i wanna help you fulfill your dream, my friend. sometimes it's small acts of kindness that remind us just how one we all are. hope you can find it in you to vote back


I love this idea! check out mine and Pic it if youd like! Congo here I come...


What a wonderful idea; using your talent to better the world. And helping to conserve habitat for these cats will lead to conservation of a suite of other plants and animals that use the same habitats!


knowing how much dedication he puts into his projects I know that task would be a successful endeavor.


Sebastian is a very talented and environmentally conscious photographer. His dedication to this medium and his ability to capture those rare moments of wildlife on film brings each photograph to life; ultimately inspiring his audience to act in the spirit of conservation.


I am impressed with Sebastian's photography, and I am pleased that he is using his interests and talents to educate others and conserve wildlife.


I hope you win!!


Alles Gute für Dein Projekt


Good luck - beautiful photos!


This idea is amazing! I love it!


Very cool!


Hey - Fantastic idea!

You've got my vote ... Will you check mine out and give me a vote? Hang in there!

Keep shooting ... D


I voted Sebastian. Good luck sweet pea! I know you will be great at Anything you do!!reach 4 d stars baby!


thanks for your vote.
i just gave you my vote too.
good luck!!!


Thanks for
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Love cats!
You got my vote as well.


Love cats and love this idea!!!! Good luck, best wishes!


Your passion for wildlife is evident in your photos. So is your patience in waiting for the right moment. I look forward to seeing more of your work!




Good Luck! I know with your wonderful photography you can educate the world on these little known cats.


We used to have a lot of Ocelots in Mexico, not one of the species you seem to want to cover but they are very cool.


Thank you guys so much already for all the help. Only about 330 votes to go, but hey we can do it, don't we all love cats?


Good luck Seabass


Yea, number 78. I'm so awesome!


Fantastic idea. Kick ass!


This is absolutely fabulous - you have such great talent and your photography is a masterpiece - Good Luck and I hope you win!!!!


This sounds like an awesome project. I hope he takes me with!



you know you have all my love, admiration and support. I know you can reach whatever goal you have.
Looking forward to see all the pictures of animals I have never heard of.



This sounds interesting, educational and worthy Sebastian. Good luck!


Great idea Sebastian. I'm glad I could help. Good luck!


Great job,Sebastian.
All the very best !

Sumii Jhingon


Thanks so far guys. Crossed the hundred vote barrier. Making great progress. Thank you so much!!!!


Good luck Seabass.


You have my vote!!!


Oh how I love cats...


Great idea Sebastian. I am looking forward to the photographs. The 'little guys' are always neglected in our society.



Thanks for the vote! Pic'd you back. Good luck with your project.


Hope you win, I have seen some of your other wildlife pics and think they are fantastic. Thank your brother for my vote. :)

- Mike McD


I'm not the only one who remembers! Thank you for doing this- good luck!


Yeay, Seabass!


This is a great project- best of luck!


It would be lovely to see these animals! Great idea, voted.

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Good luck dude!


Good luck!


Fantastic idea!


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Hi Sebastian, damit auch was deutsches drin steht, wo ein Wille auch ein Weg, die Bilder sprechen für den Willen, der Weg ist gerade am ebnen, Vui Glück dabei


Your idea sounds good, the judges will like yours if you reach the final.
the judges are mostly documentary photographers which is not to my favour.. coz my project is conceptual. I really believe in my project but i don't think it'll do well with the judges.

anyway.. good luck


Sebastian, I hope you get this dream came true, you are the right person to take pictures of wildlife, I vote for you!.


Good luck on your dream Sebastian, it's a great idea. No 'wild cats' in AUS.


I like your idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.


Good Luck Sebastian!