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Shattered Dreams - The World of Child Labor

Around the world more than 320 million children under the age of sixteen are involved in child labor. That is more than the entire population of the United States. My dream assignment is to document the shattered dreams of these children.

Shattered Dreams
Through my work with humanitarian aid organizations in Asia and Africa I have learned about the incredible amount of children working in abysmal conditions around the world and their suffering. Brick factories in Nepal, the garment industry in southeast Asia, child miners, soldiers, prostitutes, and garbage pickers in Africa and South America.

My dream assignment is to travel around the world targeting several key industries to document the plight of child laborers as seen through their eyes. Their living conditions, their families and siblings, their shattered dreams - to make an intimate and respectful portrait of their daily lives.

I will use the photographs to create a book as an educational tool for use in schools. To open the eyes of our own children to the plight of those less fortunate. I will raise consciousness in a traveling exhibition to show the hidden pain of these children. I will increase awareness of their lives and what we as privileged adults and children can do to help stop the sale of goods produced by child labor. To help expose those companies exploiting children around the world. To make childhood dreams a reality for millions that have had their dignity stripped away.

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It is great to hear about your previous interest and work experience. Voted.

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This is so important! This is awesome that you have a plan for action besides just photographing it.

I pic'd it. Return the vote?


excellent idea, i voted for you, please check out mine and return the vote, good luck!


Not only is this issue pertinent and relevant but you have the experience to turn this into a tool for education and art. Nice work! Voted!


A wonderful vision. If you would, please vote for mine too. Maybe one of us may win! This would make a great gallery exhibit. Hope you get the chance to do it.


First of all, the concept is great- especially through the eyes of those you are photographing. Second, I can not think of a more appropriate photographer who could actually get this done. It is one thing to dream, quite another to pull it off. Great idea. Voted


This is a vision & a mission at the same time! I am sure you will make this happen as you sound really driven. It is an outstanding idea... I hope you win -I'll keep my fingers crossed - and you can help change the world with this project.


Great idea. Child labor is extremely prevalent in Asia, where I do a lot of work. Voted for you. Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on Zimbabwe.


I am actually trying to launch a clothing line against child labor. You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!




I wish you luck, somebody can help change the lives of these children and I hope that such an assignment will.


most people choose not to see the ugly truth that follows human's greed...good luck to you, I hope you succeed in making your book to teach the next generations...


Great project, you have my vote! Let's keep talking about exhibition opportunites in Europe and Asia. I'd love to support this effort and help raise consciousness however I can. Best of luck.


I can't think of anyone more skilled or more passionate to take this on. You've got my vote!


Ace, I signed up and voted for you. Good luck--you deserve this assignment. Love, Lavinia


Ace, sounds great, passionate. need a nurse? j/k


Ace, One way or the other you will make your dream come true. You deserve it all the way.

Good luck!!!


Yeah Ace this is a good one for you. Good luck.



Ace! This idea is fantastic!! I wish you the best of luck, you really deserve this opportunity!!!


I'd love to see this come to fruition as a project, and can't think of someone better suited to make it powerful. Good luck Ace!



Beautiful Ace! Sending you good wishes xo Michelle


Awesome Ace! Blessings and best wishes!
Namaste, Laura


I am very impressed by your work and proud to be your brother.
Love always,


I'm 110% behind Ace on this ! If anyone can capture the essence of this issue, it's Ace.



good luck - hope you get this!


Wonderful idea....nothing like a picture to touch the heart of the matter.


I applaud you - this is a very generous and noble mission. Good luck and God Bless



Fantastic idea!! Jeanette


Rock on, Ace!


Great project Ace. I hope you get to do it. I'd love to see then book. You've got my vote.


glad to vote for you. good luck with the project.


Many of the ideas listed here are great-but YOUR potential shots of YOUR idea are what truly set your idea apart. Best of luck B Block


good luck with the project Ace! I am glad to vote for you


Okay, I got in & voted. Thanks for thinking to include me & trust in my support of you & your talent. Thank you for taking on such an important issue. Voted!


Okay, I got in & voted. Thanks for thinking to include me & trust in my support of you & your talent. Thank you for taking on such an important issue. Voted!


the world needs more people like Ace k. I vote for the project for sure!!!!!


Hello from Toronto Ace, sounds like an amazing project, I'll send you a message through our mutual friend and maybe I can help you a bit... :)
Wish we could vote multiple times for you!!!


Sounds like an amazing project, I hope to see the final result, Good luck!


A most honorable project. Best wishes in bringing distress of exploited children to the eyes of the world.


Good luck to you Ace...Look forward to it!


A story that needs to be told. good luck Ace


What a powerful idea :)

I enjoy your adventures vicariously through Zannie and I appreciate the great things you do!

Best of luck!


good luck Ace...from the child in all of us...larkin


Good luck


Ace I can't believe that this is the topic for your idea. This is such an amazing topic that I really think people need to know about. I have done two huge research projects on this topic. I really hope that you win.
A friend named Jessica


Thanks Jessica, I truly believe this is the work I'm meant to do after 25 years as a photographer.
Thanks for your support.



Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Child labor stifles education efforts and perpetuates a cycle of uneducated adults. Pictures really explain this in a way that brings the real tragedy of the situation into people's homes and hearts. Good luck.


Amazing assignment and so important to share these issues with the world. Good luck!


yay ace! can't wait to see the series.


Good idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.


Kvale has the experience and ability to document the blight of laboring children of the world. This project surely deserves to be funded. Good luck, Keith Watts


Ace: Best wishes on fulfilling your dream, I look forward to seeing your book one day. If you are anything like your sister, Kate, you deserve the best. Vickie


Hi Ace, Voted for you... I am nr. 207. Wonderful idea! I am sure you can do it. Heard from my mum that you worked so hard on this incredible project. I support you all the way from Holland. Hope you to meet you someday here...

Good luck,


Hello Ace, unfortunately I do not know you personally jet, but from my dear frend Karola I heared that you are a fantastic photographer. If you are interested in an exposition in Holland I might be of help.
Have a look at my own site: www.eva-artproductions.com Kind regards, Eva