Working Dogs

A photo series documenting dogs at work, their lives and the lives they affect.

Dogs are often thought of as family pets and companions. Because of their loyalty to humans, they are also enlisted in a support roll as well. It’s easy to see dogs as a seeing eye dog or sheep herding but as we learn to better understand dogs we are finding that they can do so much more. Such things like smelling bed bugs, land minds or even cancer.

Dogs are found in hospitals, police stations, fire stations and many other places that its goal is health and safety. Dogs also help disabled people improve overall quality of life. They can be trained to do those simple tasks most people take for granted. Things such as opening the refrigerator, turning on lights or alerting their owner that the phone is ringing. A dogs willingness to serve has made them a unique companion that, beyond unwavering love, can offer so much more.

I’ve heard many stories of dogs from all over. This project would allow me to travel, photograph and collect stories of some of these amazing dogs to publish their stories.

Currently I’m working on a book project on dog parks.

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