Everyone deserves a memory.

Everyone deserves some quality photographs of the ones they love, regardless of whether than can afford them or not.

I'm a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. The people in my life are the reason I truck on. My daughter, mother, husband, siblings.. these are the things that bring joy to my life and make it worth while. As a photographer, I understand the importance of having things to look back and remember the people that touched your heart. I lost a grandfather recently and am so thankful that I possess some really amazing photographs of him. Not just traditional portraits, but photographs of him.. being him. Photographs that make me remember who he really was and why I love him so much. Everyone deserves photographs of the ones they love regardless of whether they can afford them or not. I hear far too many stories about premature babies, infants with SIDS.. people with cancer.. children who go hungry. Life is unexpected and everyone deserves to hold a visual, tangible memory of the most important people in our lives. I hear so often how the economy has really restricted people in terms of what they can do - what little extra they can spend on something other than the heating bill or groceries. My grand idea is to travel the globe and select amazing, deserving families and offer my services free of charge to them - supply them with visual memories that they'll treasure forever.

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I am adding my vote to your dream and asking if you are willing to help my dream for Children stay in the top 20 by voting for me. I have no chance without your votes. My deepest thanks. In any case, may God Bless you and may all your dreams come true.


U have my vote all the way!!!Ur a wonderful person and have such a beautiful heart!!!We've known eachother since Traverse and even tho its been many years u still have a place in my heart...I pray your dreams come tru!!!!U deserve it..


Jen rocks! I'm not the only one that has been helped by her work when she stood to gain nothing.
Jen has allowed me to take part in the excitement that is her constantly moving, idea-filled, destined to succeed life.
Vote for Jen! She'll turn the award in to something far beyond the face value.


I have never met a more caring photographer!!!