Tips and Ways to Prepare for College & University

After writing final exams in High School, the question of ‘what next?’ usually pops up. For a lot of students, college is the answer to this question. However, there are lots of uncertainties and unknowns associated with getting into colleges and the preparations involved.

There are several ways to prepare for university. This article will attempt to highlight some of these ways and provide you with information on how to prepare for university.

Preparation for university

Preparation for uni could lead to anxiety and overthinking. Remember to take a deep breath and stay calm and focused.

Asides from this tension, preparing for university also involves being mentally, emotionally, and psychologically ready. You should be willing to learn communication skills, listening skills, character development, and behavioral patterns. Learn to tolerate others also.

Ways to prepare for college

Some important ways to prepare for college are listed below:

  1. Register for courses and check the syllabus of each before the session begins to equip yourself before the classes begin.
  2. Start reading ahead of lectures so that an upper ground would be gained.
  3. Check out for other new students and create groups and clubs to discuss academics and related courses.
  4. Learn time management skills to help you plan and schedule classes and other activities.

How to start preparing for college

As earlier stated, preparing for college involves a lot of processes but the key to ease is starting preparation plans early and prioritizing things that need to be done in a schedule.

Below are some essential tips that would be useful when considering going to college:

  • Choose a career path

Your career path should be chosen based on passion and interest as that would increase your chances of success. Whatever path is chosen is what would be applied in colleges to major in.

  • Make a list of colleges

Make a list of colleges that offer the courses you selected and apply to them for admission. Send application letters, and transcripts to the said universities and wait till you are called upon. Also, take entrance examinations of schools that require such.

  • Plan for your finances

Make plans and budget for the new school year before the session officially begins as you would not want to be caught off guard. Set up a student bank account as it has special packages and incentives that would profit you as a student.

  • Plan for your accommodation

Most freshers choose the halls of residence which are always more cost-friendly and readily available when applied for in time. Other choices could be off-campus apartments or blocks of flats not far from the campus.

  • Check out health plans

Check health plans made available to students in the colleges. This way, extra plans could be made if available one is not sufficient.

  • Get a part-time student job

The importance of getting a part-time paying job cannot be overemphasized. This will help take care of impending bills.

  • Get familiar

Familiarize yourself with the new school environment and hostel accommodation. Learn the different routes to get to various parts of the campus with ease. Take notes of parts of the campus that are not safe at odd hours so that they would be duly avoided for security reasons. In addition, download apps and join student connect groups and chat rooms to blend and make friends and familiarize yourself with your new community.

  • Learn basic chores

Learn how to do basic chores such as personal laundry and cooking. Get basic utensils used for cooking and learn easy recipes for making meals. Read and study user manuals that come with washing machines and equipment for ease of use and to avoid casualties. This will help save unnecessary spending and stress.


There is a popular saying that goes “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” hence, the above tips will guide you in preparing for your dream college and university.

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