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IN HARMS WAY-Exploring the Bond Between Humans and Animals

I'm looking to do a photography documentary exploring the bond between people who dedicate their lives to looking after animals in harms way around the world. An elephant orphanage in Kenya,Dog an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo,and may more. More...

By: jmott78 | comments 408 comments

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Children of the World

The children of the world are the future of our planet. In their faces are the dreams and hopes for us all. More...

By: FatherJohn | comments 404 comments

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Deep In The Jungle, a Lost WWII Plane

Deep in the Papuan jungle, quietly resting for around 60 years, there is a story desperately long for home, a peaceful end to World War II in which they fought so bravely. More...

By: SRP | comments 347 comments

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An Unexpected Exhibition

I would travel, with camera, computer and printer to 6 locations with interesting people, architecture and everyday traditions in diverse landscapes. Within a few days the photos would be on display at an easily accessible exhibition. More...

By: onesmallbag | comments 342 comments

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"The day the dogs stood still"

"The day the dog stood still" a photographic journey of life and hope. More...

By: frazz | comments 339 comments

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Travels of My Ancestors

To travel the possible routes my ancestors took to get from the east coast to Chicago. More...

By: Grumpy | comments 319 comments

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Ring of Fire and Serenity

A solar eclipse will occur on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. This dream assignment is the ability to photograph the eclipse in China, with an additional six weeks of shooting dedicated to “the regions within the path of the umbra.” More...

By: jangelashumskas | comments 278 comments

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Zimbabwe: A Nation Crumbling

Document life in Zimbabwe while the country's people suffer economic collapse, land seizures, lack of healthcare, food shortages and crumbling public services under the dysfunctional leadership of Robert Mugabe's dictatorship. More...

By: willbaxter | comments 276 comments

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An Invisible Nation: Documenting Kurdish Culture from Western and Local Perspectives

My dream assignment would be to work in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran to tell the story of the largest culture in the world without a country. More...

By: jvidar | comments 275 comments

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Insulin Is Not A Cure (For Children With Type 1 Diabetes)!

I would like to photograph children with Type 1 diabetes doing two things: 1. testing their blood sugar or injecting insulin and 2. doing their favorite thing. I would like to exhibit the photos to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. More...

By: Michelle | comments 270 comments

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