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A Glipse of Truth

My focus would be on the men and women who devote their to lives to assisting those in extreme poverty. I would look at their daily lives, dreams and hopes and the daily obstacles that they must overcome while serving other.

My photographic journey would be to raise awareness of the faces of those who devote their lives to aiding the poor and downtrodden. I would like to journal the daily lives of 3-5 missionaries or medical personnel stationed world wide showing the love and dignity with which they give service to others. To show the difficulties and obstacles they over come, as well as what gives them the inner strength to give up a life of comfort to care for others.

World wide we have around 25-30 thousand children daily from poverty. Many photographs have been shown of these children that tug at you heart. Though I would also photograph and journal about these people, my emphasis would be on what it is really like to serve in the mission field. To find the joys, as well as heartache, the difficulties, as well as the blessings in the lives of those who chose to live among the poorest of the poor.

I would like to weave the beauty of the landscape, cultural ideas, and the hope in the faces of the underprivileged with the beautiful faces of those who serve them. I would like to demonstrative love and resilience and strength in character.
I hope to put a real face on the statistical poverty data by intertwining the lives of those in service with the hopes and dreams of those they serve. I would like to capture things like the silent heroism of the aged women caring for their grandchildren, the dreams of children within appalling conditions and the unselfish love of the missionaries I meet.

To make such a journey viable, I would try to contact missionaries or organizations in the countries I visit to assist with a starting place, background information of the area, and to help find translators and guides. I know some missionaries that serve in Africa and other areas and would contact them as well.

As well as daily blogging, my end project would consist of photos, written and video interviews and thoughts written about the people I meet showing their inner strength. These would be compiled into a website for people to view. I would also like to share them with various churches.

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I like your idea!

I voted for you, will you vote for me? Let's do this and see how it turns out. Let's help each other!

Good luck!

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That is a subject that need our attention Great Idea..You Have my vote Please go and vote for me.

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I think it is a great idea to show the work of missionaries. They really deserve more attention for all of their hard work.

I voted for you. Take a look at my idea and return the favor if you think it's worthy.


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We are so proud of you ArtnSoul. You are so talented, and put these to great things. You have such a big heart. Good luck with this. Your buddies near Cleveland, Oh, L&B

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I really like your idea! Good luck! If you get a chance, visit my idea and pic it if you like it :) http://www.nameyourdreamassignment.com/the-ideas/srebeccan/children-of-redemption/

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