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Iraq Documentation

I'd like to document just what our American Servicemen are going through over in Iraq.

I'd like to document just what our "boys" are going through over in Iraq. I'd like to document their daily routines, their fears, their hopes and dreams and messages back to their families. I'd also like to document how the local people are dealing with threats of destruction on a daily basis. It's something I can't even imagine. I'd like to see how the local people are dealing with everything and how they cope. Can you imagine having your house blown up as well as your whole neighborhood? Where do you get help if there is no Government in place to take care of its people? How do they survive on a daily basis? I know it's dangerous over there, but it's something I'd really like to do.

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I'd love to see some one do this. I'd like to know what's happening and what it's like there. The media is doing a poor job of keeping us informed.

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i like your idea. i have a good friend that has been to Iraq, twice, and is now on his way to Afghanistan. The stories he told were much different than you ever heard on the news. I voted for it, check out mine and vote for it or leave a comment if you like. good luck!

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Michelle, getting approval to do this is fairly simple if you're a journalist. Just send in an embed request with some supporting documentation. Voted for you. Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on Zimbabwe.

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My best friend just got back from 4.5 yrs in Baghdad and he told me a lot that you never hear in the press. Great idea. Good luck. I'm voting with Pixie (my wife) because she is always right. :D

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