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Gone Too Soon

I want to donate my services in hospitals for pictures of premies and children who won't live long so that their families can have memories of them.

I would volunteer my services and create lasting portraits of those poor children whose lives are cut short. Their families need something to remember them by which shows just how special they are. Most of these families can't afford professional photography services due to medical bills and the stress they go through during this time could be alleviated with a simple gesture. The beauty they see in their children could be taken home with them, even if their child could not be, and they would have these memories forever. I would like to be the one who brings this comfort to these families in need.

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A touching project...my vote is in.
Mind hopping over and putting a vote in for Children's Literacy?
Ray Schiel

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lovely idea! i voted for you. perhaps you can read my proposal and return the favor.

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My friend is a neonatologist and I know how important this dream is! Best of luck - you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!

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this is a very unique and excellent idea! you have my vote... mine is vaguely similar except it involves paying tribute to those who have already passed on. check it out and see if you might want to choose mine for one of your pics

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I voted for you. Good luck.

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This is a rad idea! I pic'd you! mine is all about exposing a fatal conflict in the Congo. Go look at it and please return the PIC if you wish!

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