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Capturing the disappearing wonders

I'd like to capture images of the disappearing natural wonders.

Whether it's due to global warming, pollution, or just nature's natural course... many of the Earth beautiful natural trasures are disappearing. I'd like to take the opportunity to capture images of them before they're gone forever.

The polar ice caps and glaciers, the Great Barrier Reef, many of the atolls that are disappearing due to rising water levels, the Amazon rain forest, plus many more that are quickly disappearing.

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I like your idea!

I voted for you; will you vote for me? Let's do this and see how it turns out. Let's help each other!

Good luck!

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This idea is awesome! I pic'd it. My dream is to document what is taking place in the Congo in order to expose the most fatal conflict since WWII. return the vote?

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