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the shadow of us

to traval and photograph the shadow of people ,that they think best characterize themselfs.

As I said in tne summary ,I would like to travel the world if possable, to photograph the shadows of different people..the people I would like to photograph,would be form any walk of life, from the rich and powerful to the person that works, just trying to make a living,to the person who may have nothing but still can show who they are, there "character" by the shadow they project. In there shadow a person may be holding a camera to show that they want people to see them as a photographer or a hammer to let people know that here is a carpenter.A person may chose to stand in such a way that they think best shows there personalty,or having an object by them..
But in all it would be up to that person how they would like to be seen without being seen
to best discries themselfs or there personalty...
thank you

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You have my vote... please return the favor!

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A shadow. Now that is original. Late or early in the day, shadows are long. At noon, they are very short. Depending on when and where you shoot them, the photos could be very different. Interesting idea and worth a vote. Good luck and don't forget to vote for yourself.

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i love shadow photographs, they are so mysterious. i like your idea. I voted for it, check out mine and vote for it or leave a comment if you like. good luck!

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Keep it simple I like that.
See what I have to dream about and leave a comment if you like.
Good luck! I've voted for you.

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