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Animal Shelter

I would love to open my own Animal shelter to help the SPCA all over the United States.There are so many homeless animals that need a foster home and my home will be there home.

Animals are my world, I am willing to open my home to care for any animal, I will make sure they are well taken care of and I will make sure they find a good home. The SPCA needs foster home for the animals that been abused or left abandonment.I hope I can accomplish this dream they need our help. I am here for a reason and I feel this is my duty to help out pets. I will build on acres of land make stalls for horses and homes for dogs and cats and so on. Please reach out and help!

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i like your idea. I voted for it, check out mine and vote for it or leave a comment if you like. good luck!

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What's the photo aspect of this?

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this is a photo idea thing...mind oyu its really about who gets the most votes so in a way its not at all..

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This has to be a photo dream; many people seem to misunderstand that.

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