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Children of Redemption

When one thinks of the favelas, or slums, of Brazil, images of gangs, guns, drugs and violence immediately come to mind. My dream assignment is to document and help the children in the favelas escape the world of gangs and drugs.

A simple search of the word 'favela' on the internet pulls up thousands of pictures of the poor conditions, violence and drugs that appear to be the every day life of all those who live there. After living in Brazil for almost two years, I came to discover that there is much more that the world doesn't see. Amidst these destitute conditions, there is hope and that is what I want to photograph.

Every year, thousands of children in the favelas lose their innocence to a life of violence and crime. However, before they become victims of this lifestyle, they are regular kids with a passion for soccer. My goal in this assignment is three fold. FIRST: to photograph these innocent children, telling their story as kids in the favela. SECOND: to publish a photographic coffee table book to spread awareness of their plight. And THIRD: to use the proceeds made from the book to establish a scholarship fund for kids in the favela to rise above their environment and attend college.

I know that I will be able to make this dream a reality. Ever since I moved back to the USA, I have been working on this dream. While studying in college, I worked closely with my Brazilian professor in planning this project. I have meticulously detailed plans and the equipment, as well as the contacts and the support necessary to make this a reality. I know that one person can make a difference in the lives of many. And I know that, through my passion for children, photography and Brazil, I will make a difference in the lives of those who live in the favelas.

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Great idea Becky, good luck!!

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