Orphanage America

Photographing the children of orphanages across America, and one in Africa,capturing their dreams,their kinship,their sadness,their job.

I am an award winning filmmaker and published professional still photographer. I also undertook the duties of cinematography on my latest film Buddha Wild wwww.buddhawild.com.

I have traveled and lived many places in the world,with still many to go.

Much has been made of orphanages in Africa ,the Eastern European block,China and other countries. In fact, I have a friend who founded an orphanage in Africa.We watch as many celebrities go abroad to adopt.

And this leaves a big question,what about
the children in our own country, in America? How are they? How are the standards in our orphanages and more importantly how are the kids?

I do not know the answer to that question but I hope that this photo essay and exhibit will both highlight and open up wide a debate on a much neglected talking point in America- America's orphanages and the kids.

I wish to capture the children,their joy, their sadness, their frustrations, their kinships,their bonds and their special moments.

I would like to incorporate some shots of orphanages from my friends orphanage in Kenya Africa...to see the differences...though their may be differences on a material level I cannot help but wonder if the joy, sadness and special moments are not the same?But I may be wrong ,and this is the beauty of any investigative photo essay- what is the truth?

Once complete I wish to do a touring exhibition in each city and a touring exhibition through a Museum or schools in the USA.The reason I wish it to exhibit in schools so that children with parents think and have awareness of other lives and cultures.Under each photo of the each child I would like the child to write a sentence than sums up the thoughts of their life.I hope it can be turned into a book,with again royalties going to charity.

I would like each child who appears in the photo to be invited to the main opening and 50% of donations of bought photos donated to a combination of that child and orphanages throughout the USA.

I believe a competition like this has the power to make a difference for the better in the world, and I hope that this project does that.

If it can help even one child with little,feel a bit brighter about their future and give them a stronger future and hope...then this competition and my works has done it's job.
But lets hope and aim to make it better in some way for many.Those with parents and those without.

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Father john is telling this to everyone to get a vote look and you will see every one he writes too.


Why is someone upset that I vote for people's dreams? I have visited orphanages in China with Patch Adams and in Mexico, too. Yours is a wonderful dream worthy of everyone's vote. So here is mine.


To paraphrase the ancient maxim is:

"If you save only one life you have saved the whole world."


"Yousaythattoeveryone" has a very negative point of view. I applaud Father John for carefully considering other's concepts. Instead of wishing one another failure, why not wish success? Voting for others will hopefully create a tidal wave of good will.


Well constructed, well thought out.Good cause.Super.


Some great ideas are getting lost in the wave of network votes so if you like my idea please vote for me, and I will in turn vote for the ideas that have the heart inspirational photographers .
Good luck, and thanks for your vote/comment... Jkava888


Very cool. Please, check me out too when you've got the time.


This is a great Idea! Check mine out too and if you like it...return the vote! Mine is about exposing a fatal conflict taking place in the Congo.


you're right, not only far away there are good things to do!
i vote for you
have a look at my project too (which is far away from where you live, but not as much from where I live...)
good luck


I can't wait to see your photos - Wonderful idea & great dream! Best of luck and you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!


Good ideas like yours that are not in the Top 100 are nearly impossible to find. This is unfair as many great ideas are hidden. Those of us in the “Sub-100” should work together to promote the best projects of the Sub-100 so that they can be in the Top 100 and be seen. Please vote for best Sub-100s!


You got my vote Anna ~ best of luck from everyone at iPeace network,




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wonderful project
I wish you Blessings in pursuing it and luck to win this thing



Thank you everyone!
Please keep voting!
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wonderful idea and dream assignment! Check out my dream assignment and comment/vote! Thanks.


Thanks for the vote and responding to my comment. I wrote the sponsors of this contest about the lack of photography ideas leading the contest, but was told it wasn't a photo contest???? Read the header and tell me what you think!


Thankx 4 the vote...I returned the fav....great idea!!


This would be a traumatizing and inspiring dream. Best of luck, voted. Check out my idea on covering the new engineering and innovation designed at alleviating poverty and hunger and protecting the environment. Also check out my portfolio http://maclellanimages.com/blog1/galleries/


Sure thanks..and yes it would be an emotional experience and difficult..but prepared to do it!And have the proven experience to deliver it.


Why only one orphanage in America, and only one in Africa? It doesn't make sense. You would theoretically have $50k so you could shoot in orphanages all over. Anyway, still voted for you before I read the fine print. Please vote for my idea as well.


I think its clear several/many all orphanges!It says orphanges plural .Thanks for the vote.Will check out yours


Ooops. What I meant to ask was why only one orphanage in Africa? Seems that you could visit a lot more than one with the funds. Thanks for voting for me, though.


Thanks for your vote. Here's mine. What a great heartfelt idea! Good Luck!


yes Will of course I will be visiting more in Africa...and it would be an emotional and trying experience in Africa and America!..but I will do it!


thanks for the votes everyone!


Great idea!


great idea! do it wether you win or not! got my vote though!


A great idea! Best of luck! Will vote.


this is a great idea! best of luck. i returned the vote :-)


do it wether you win or not! You got my vote Good Luck!


Good luck with your project. Here is my vote for you.


I voted for you. Good luck.


You have my vote, If you get the chance, check out my dream "From Australia With Love" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for it!




i agree. this is not a photo contest. it's a popularity contest. i already voted for ya because i like your idea. good luck!


good idea,,, you are right if it can help one kid feel better then it's a good project good luck


Hi Joe..not sure its even a popularity contest..as its all about who can get the most votes through their computer network(so the votes don't see the other ideas) and I don't use facebook etc!
Thanks for the vote!


vote for zibs, vote for zibs! It's really crazy. I would like to see a 'fun' idea in the top 20. just joining the shenanigans. tigerlilly, I do like your idea and I have facebook. I'll throw a link up to your idea and see if it helps. I have 262 friends, but they proven to be a bit lazy.


and I voted for you #66.


ha lol...thanks Zibs...!
Thanks for the facebook thats great! They have one or two days to vote! HA lOL


You've got our PIC, Anna. Inspiring idea - best of luck!


zibs sent me.


ha! :) thanks Cassiek...send more ! thanks Zibs! thats fun!


I like your idea, check out mine and vote for me if you like it. Its about poverty and society in 3rd world countries and how they are controlled, devastated by their governments and western industrialized nations.