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The beauty, wonder, and unity of all Humanity

As long as people continue to divide humanity, based on silly ideas of skin color, ancestry, or stage of life, there will be persecution based on these divisions. My dream is to capture the beauty, wonder and unity of all humanity.

My dream is to travel the world capturing the universal beauty, wonder, and unity of humanity. I want to travel to as many people as possible capturing the unifying characteristics of humanity.

I want to capture the joy, pain, wonder, peace, terror, hope, and unity that humans all around the world feel. These are characteristics that are universal in all of humanity. Emotions drive humans and they unify us.

Only now in this century has it become possible to travel world wide and capture these unifying aspects of humanity. I dream of the privilege to be part of this process.

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i like your idea. I voted for it, check out mine and vote for it or leave a comment if you like. good luck!

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Voted for you. Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on Zimbabwe.

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The latest division seems to be a hate for Hispanics because of the illegal alien issue. It is a shame. Good luck. I voted for your dream. I believe in Pay it Forward, the Golden Rule, and affirming the worth of people and their dreams.

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