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The European Dream (interactive)

My dream-assigment is a six months travel in Europe. And you can choose the cities I go to. What are the European doing in this economic crises, what do they dream?
Vote for me and I give you a great portret of Europe

The European Dream

And you can choose the cities I go to.
What are the European doing in this economic crises, what do they dream?

The European Dream

Till now I did some short photo-projects for maxium 3 weeks.

Examples you can check out on my website: www.remcovisser.com

My dream-assignment is to travel for six months through Europe.

Six months on the road with only one thing on my mind: taking photographs.

What is happening in Europe,during the economic crisis,going on at the moment. Where do the European dream about,do they have still dreams.

Photographs of people and (urban)landscapes of Europe, thats the main goal. The houses they live in the landscape where there houses are standing.

To make it this assigment more interactive, with the Thinkpad w700ds in my car you can choose to wich city I go,in every country of Europe.
Between driving from city to city, I make photographs,and offcourse in the city you choose!


With the 50.000 dollar, at the moment about 38.634 euro's.
My calculation is that I need about 100 euro's a day for food, overnight and gas.
This is still a lot,considering I planning to stay on campsites.
For about 180 days travel that is 18.000 euro. Let's say 20.000 euro. That leaves 18.634 euro for insurance, maybe repair for the car and other unexpected things that can happen.

From the money that is left after my dream-assignment I want to make another dream come true, an official photobook with an selecting of the photographs I made during my trip: The European Dream. As much copies as is possible.

So this will make 2 dreams of me come true.
Thanx for voting on my Dream-assignment,
Remco Visser

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I voted for you. Good luck. I like Edinburgh, Scotland as a nice photo shoot - or St. Andrews is also good.

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I voted for you, good luck

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Love it! Great idea & Best of luck - you have my "PIC" - please check out my dream of furthering peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Thanks!!

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This idea is rad! I pic'd it. Mine is all about exposing a fatal conflict in the Congo. Return the vote?

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Cool idea making it interactive like that. Voted for you. Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project on Zimbabwe.

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What a good idea! You have my vote - my dream is to explore the Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Islands. Please take a look at it!

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