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Circumnavigate the Mediterranean Sea

I plan on circumventing the Mediterranean Sea and documenting the wide array of cultures that occupy a relatively small portion of the world More...

By: AEllison | comments 96 comments

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Deep In The Jungle, a Lost WWII Plane

Deep in the Papuan jungle, quietly resting for around 60 years, there is a story desperately long for home, a peaceful end to World War II in which they fought so bravely. More...

By: SRP | comments 347 comments

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Poverty ends where love begins.

Our goal is to travel to impoverished nations, document the reality of poverty, use resources to fight poverty and raise awareness of the epidemic of poverty. We want to tell their story. More...

By: ajbaudoux | comments 78 comments

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Insulin Is Not A Cure (For Children With Type 1 Diabetes)!

I would like to photograph children with Type 1 diabetes doing two things: 1. testing their blood sugar or injecting insulin and 2. doing their favorite thing. I would like to exhibit the photos to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. More...

By: Michelle | comments 270 comments

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Return of the Corn Mothers

I would continue the work that I've begun on the Return of the Corn Mothers project, branching out into other parts of the United States and abroad to record the lives of other Corn Mothers from different cultures and geographical regions. More...

By: lightpainter69 | comments 47 comments

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"The day the dogs stood still"

"The day the dog stood still" a photographic journey of life and hope. More...

By: frazz | comments 339 comments

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An Unexpected Exhibition

I would travel, with camera, computer and printer to 6 locations with interesting people, architecture and everyday traditions in diverse landscapes. Within a few days the photos would be on display at an easily accessible exhibition. More...

By: onesmallbag | comments 342 comments

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Ring of Fire and Serenity

A solar eclipse will occur on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. This dream assignment is the ability to photograph the eclipse in China, with an additional six weeks of shooting dedicated to “the regions within the path of the umbra.” More...

By: jangelashumskas | comments 278 comments

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Land Mines: Helping to bring an end to these cruel weapons

Land mines are one of the most inhumane and irresponsible weapons used in war. Approximately 90% of all land mine deaths and injuries are civilian related, with 1/3 being children. More...

By: EndLandMines | comments 262 comments

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The World in a Bubble

In a time when a fresh perspective is most certainly needed, my ultimate goal is to travel worldwide and capture recognizable natural and man-made icons within the reflection of an unorthodox and playful perspective: a floating bubble. More...

By: reflections | comments 248 comments

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