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The Musical Culture of Route 66

In collaboration with my father – the person who inspired my passion for both photography and music – I would like to travel Route 66, documenting the range of American musical culture and creating a project to benefit music education. More...

By: LaBargex2 | comments 270 comments

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The Simple Joys

With each passing day it seems there's more and more to be discouraged about. I want to travel to impoverished and depressed regions across the globe and show that there's so much more joy that we don't see than pain that we do. More...

By: focalmatter | comments 147 comments

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One Goat at a Time: Showing the Heifer Project Change Lives & Better the World

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Photography of real lives changed by Heifer reveal the power of giving people a means to support themselves. Stories of change & hope. PIC me. More...

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Children of the World

The children of the world are the future of our planet. In their faces are the dreams and hopes for us all. More...

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For Our Daughters

Travel the country (some day the world) to take portraits of everyday women and show how beautiful they are. I want my daughter to see how many kinds of beauty there are. I want your daughters to see that too. More...

By: Sadandbeautiful | comments 106 comments

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Conflict in the Congo

My assignment will be exposng the most fatal conflict since WWII unfolding in the Democratic Rebulic of the Congo. I will use the trip to educate and empower people while encouraging action to help others. More...

By: bsasso | comments 178 comments

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The Dream Give-away: 50 States, 50 Days, $50,000 Donated…

Our Dream Asignment is to travel to each state in the country, spend a day volunteering with a local non-profit, photograph the people helping and being helped by others, and make a donation of $1,000 to each charitable organization. More...

By: giveaway | comments 195 comments

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Random acts of kindness

To travel around the world and ask people, "If you could do one random act of kindness for anybody else in the world, what would it be?" I would then travel and fulfill this random act of kindness to another stranger and continue the cycle. More...

By: ekizz | comments 113 comments

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Zimbabwe: A Nation Crumbling

Document life in Zimbabwe while the country's people suffer economic collapse, land seizures, lack of healthcare, food shortages and crumbling public services under the dysfunctional leadership of Robert Mugabe's dictatorship. More...

By: willbaxter | comments 276 comments

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Food as Ritual, Food as Sustenance, Food as Identity

The way people eat, and make food to feed themselves, their families, and their communities speaks volumes. I would like to capture this age-old labor in places as diverse as Africa, Europe, Asia, and more. More...

By: melinaphotos | comments 168 comments

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