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Purchase a Hasseblad and go Storm Chasing in my Saturn Astra XR

I would purchase a Hasselblad H3DII-39 digital camera kit and use the rest of the money to tour the United States in an effort to capture the awesomeness of the up and coming Spring storms we have yet to see. More...

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13 PICS PIC IT /the-ideas/jkoncepz/get-a-digital-camera-and-join-the-ivory-billed-woodpecker-search/

Get a digital camera and join the Ivory Billed woodpecker search

I would participate in the search for the famed ivory billed woodpecker, as well as keep a log of where I have been and interesting things I have noticed, and hopefully be able to capture on film or in print the rare creature. More...

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create a montly book series about the artwork children around the world are making

I would purchase a digital camera and other equipment, and travel the world to find the bright learners, the young artists of the futures and include their works of art in a monthly hardback book of up to 300 pages. More...

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