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Energy: Our Country in Crisis

As troubles in the Middle East continue, we are faced with the reality that our energy resources are rapidly being depleted. I would like to depict the gross uses of energy and contrast them with efficient, renewable energy methods.

As troubles in the Middle East continue, both domestically and globally, we are faced with the reality that our energy resources are rapidly being depleted. The forms of energy that have been used historically, such as fossil fuels, have not only caused global warming, but also a dependence upon foreign resources. The recent issues with the Middle East have presented us all with a number of life changing dilemmas. The earth and humanity can no longer afford abuse of its natural resources.

The United States is our home and a leader in the global effort to resolve this great crisis. It is our responsibility to expose the causes of this great crisis, and promote those working to resolve it.
I desire to pictorially investigate the people, circumstances and infrastructure causing gross energy depletion, and in contrast capture those, along with their creative efforts, that are working feverishly to find Green, Earth friendly, solutions to the multi-dimensional energy struggle.

As a photographic artist, my objective would include finding and depicting the gross uses of existing energy methods and contrast them with renewable and efficient energy methods. I believe my efforts, with sufficient exposure, could raise awareness of specific forms of pollution and gross use of valuable energy as well as provide public focus upon those that need it to continue their efforts to provide our community with energy solutions. These solutions would include Renewable Energy and other alternatives. These sorts of Green efforts and development not only benefit our country, but the entire world.

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I'll give you the Green Vote. Feel free to return the favor and vote for my project to document political issues and rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

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At 20:30 tonight, across our planet, lights will go out in many cities to show support for green initiatives. We in the US should be a leader. Good luck. I voted for your dream; I see you have three of them - I'll read them all.

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