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Hope: A Better Tommorrow

Although “Hope” is a universal emotion, it has varied meanings across cultures and geography, but offers us insight to greatest emotional momentum known to mankind.

Our lives in this world hold many a purpose. Some are born into ideal circumstances and many struggle daily to find peace with their unique circumstances.
It is my hope to have the opportunity to find the beauty and dramatic impact of hope within each of those that I may photograph. I desire to look deeply into their souls to depict what drives those, that cherish this powerful emotion, to live another day that is better than the last.

Hope drives us in our relationships, professions, and aspirations. I wish to find this within those that I encounter across the spans of geography, cultures and circumstances.

If I were to be selected in this contest, I would like to examine the people that depend on hope as their primary focus for survival as well as those that simply celebrate a better tomorrow. Further, my photographic objective would be to explore and depict hope as a powerful and essential human emotion that allows each of us to continue from day to day, despite opposing circumstances. Doing so with dramatic imagery would allow whoever may view the images, some insight, so as to feel either the subject’s elation or great despair.

All of whom I would encounter as photographic subjects would be greatly respected. Those that I would find may be by chance, and some planned. They would be those across some of the world’s cultures that we encounter daily and some that we do not. It is by examining and displaying the depths of human emotion that more of mankind will find a better and more hopeful tomorrow.

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I believe in hope. I believe in Pay it Forward, the Golden Rule, and affirming the worth of people and their dreams. I believe in your dream. Here is another vote for you.

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Cool man. You've got a pic from me. I'm working on a project in Africa trying to give some people hope. Check it out and vote if you like.

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