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Beyond the Woods

It's been almost 20 years, but it's time to pack the camera gear into the saddlebags on my BMW motorcycle, then travel deep into the back woods of the Blue Ridge, beyond Greasy Creek, NC, to a place where time stands still. More...

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The Geography of Nowhere

A sweeping survey of the effects of urban sprawl on the American landscape. More...

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Yankee Ingenuity and the American Dreamer

Yankee ingenuity is an American English reference to the self-reliance of the early colonial settlers of New England. It is their inventive improvisation, adaptation and overcoming of dire straits when faced with a dearth of materials. More...

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Walk the Earth

Walking the Earth and photograph the people and places that make this planet special. More...

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I See Climate Change

The mission of I See Climate Change is to empower families in underprivileged communities, who are confronting climate change, with the means to photo-document their own lives and share their stories with the world. More...

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Cultural Exposure

A place where like-minded, eco-friendly and uber culture conscience people can gather for organic, delicious food, shop, read and hear the most innovative live music available. This environment will use only the most sustainable products. More...

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Everyone deserves a memory.

Everyone deserves some quality photographs of the ones they love, regardless of whether than can afford them or not. More...

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Working Dogs

A photo series documenting dogs at work, their lives and the lives they affect. More...

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edges of the world

i dream about the edges. The edges of my mind, the edges of my imagination, the edges of the city, country and the Earth. The edges of spaces. Everything has it's own edge. My dream — to take pictures of the edges of the world. More...

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Jesus saves

This is a simple sentence or two that sums up your idea. It will appear along with the title in entry listings and be combined with your detailed description on your idea page. Max 240 characters. More...

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