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The roots of conflict

a study of the worlds politically disputed zones, and a gaze into the history of conflict More...

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Shifting Waters

My dream photography assignment would be to travel to the parts of the Earth that are already falling victim to global warming. I want to tell the story of Mother Nature while taking a portrait of the lands before they are gone forever. More...

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A Good Cuppa'...

Tea is the second most heavily consumed beverage in the world. Wars have been fought over it. Economies are dependent on it. Cultures and ceremony revolve around it. And everyone -- EVERYONE -- knows someone who enjoys a cuppa' tea. More...

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Food: have a seat

Traveling around the world to find a variety of eateries More...

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The Lines of Clothing. Shot in China, following clothing creation from a cotton seed to the the fini

Rows of cotton which becomes thread, then fabric. Pattern lines are cut. Rows of sewing machines. Pieces put in boxes to port. Tankers sail. Cargo containers on trucks. Retail racks. Cashier lines. Closet rod lined with clothes. More...

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Home: where the heart is

Traveling all across the United States to see how we live. More...

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We Are What We Eat

Fifty billion farm animals are killed annually worldwide for food that only feeds a small percentage of people. Our planet, our health, and our humanity is suffering from this flesh based diet. More...

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love; a human experience

I would love to photograph wedding ceremonies around the world. Because every country no matter how small has marriage ceremonies. More...

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The American Recession/Depression of 2009

I would like to travel around the United States to document the recession/depression of 2009. We're Americans. We may stumble. We may fall. However, we always pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and come back stronger. We're the USA! More...

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Family History Project

Tracing the family roots throughout the world: Ukraine,Hungary, Italy, Israel, USA. Journey to discover the past in hopes to pass more family history to future generation More...

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